Sister Wives: Kody And Chrisinte’s Relationship Deteriorated Over The Course Of Many Years

Sister Wives: Kody And Chrisinte’s Relationship Deteriorated Over The Course Of Many Years

Sister Wives fans have speculated as to why Kody Brown took what they believe to be “unwarranted digs” at Christine Brown during the current season of the series. During one episode, he referred to Christine and sister-wife Janelle as “two princesses giving ultimatums.”

After 25 years of marriage, why the sudden change in Kody Brown’s attitude toward Christine Brown, the mother of six of his children? Fans discussed the reasons behind their shocking separation in November 2021.

Sister Wives: Kody And Chrisinte’s Relationship Deteriorated Over The Course Of Many Years

For fans, the separation between the couple has been a long time coming. For several seasons, viewers watched Kody and Christine Brown’s relationship deteriorate on the TLC show. Christine was Kody Brown’s third wife, but not his last. After a 16-year marriage and five children, Kody Brown took a fourth wife, Robyn, while Christine Brown was pregnant with his last child. Christine never recovered from her disappointment with Kody’s decision to take another wife.

Viewers got their first glimpse of Kody seeming to favor his new wife over the other three when he was late to the hospital for Truely’s birth because he was spending time with Robyn instead of supporting Christine Brown.

Throughout the 16 seasons of the TLC series, the couple never seemed to be on the same page. Kody struggled to please all of his wives, while Christine claimed that all she wanted was her husband’s attention.

Further cementing the separation between Kody Brown and Christine Brown was a planned spinal surgery for their daughter Ysabel. Kody wanted the surgery rescheduled because of the pandemic. Ysabel was in too much pain. Instead of accompanying his wife and daughter to the hospital in New Jersey, Kody cited the restrictions of the pandemic as a reason he could not go.

The final straw was when Kody told Christine Brown that he no longer wanted an intimate relationship with her.

During season 16, Kody called Christine and Janelle Brown “two princesses giving ultimatums.” The comment was made after Christine revealed she wanted to move back to Utah and Janelle said she wanted to stay in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Janelle told Christine Brown, “There’s nothing for me in Utah. Nothing.” However, Christine believed that the family would never build on their Coyote Pass property since it had been two years since they had uprooted their family from Las Vegas, Nevada.

Kody seemed to be fed up with Christine and Janelle’s extreme positions on the idea of uprooting their family again.

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