Sister Wives: Kody Brown Is Said To Be Considering ‘New Wives’

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Is Said To Be Considering 'New Wives'

Kody Brown’s relationships with his first three wives have fallen apart over the past few seasons of Sister Wives, and though the patriarch has been adamant about keeping his family together, Kody is finally showing signs of breaking down and starting over.

Over the past decade, Kody Brown’s relationships with Meri, Janelle, and Christine Brown have been on the verge of collapse, and since Christine threw in the towel, the fate of the plural marriage is up in the air. From her continued disdain for Meri to Janelle’s recent increase in rebellious behavior, here’s why Kody Brown may be preparing to start over and replace his original spouses with two new sister wives.

Since Kody Brown’s fourth wife, Robyn Brown, joined the Brown family, the polygamists have struggled to maintain functional relationships. Over the course of the clan’s run in Sister Wives, Kody’s interest in his first three wives waned until his ties to Meri, Janelle, and Christine Brown became virtually nonexistent.

In season 16, Kody Brown’s restrictive COVID-19 rules effectively relegated the patriarch to a monogamous relationship with his favorite bride, Robyn. Additionally, Kody demonstrated an apathetic approach toward Meri, Janelle, and Christine Brown during the last chapter of the Brown family.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Is Said To Be Considering ‘New Wives’

Since Christine Brown’s departure from the family’s plural marriage, fans have speculated on how Meri and Janelle would maintain their strained relationship with Kody. Unfortunately, the polygamous clan is closer to ruin than their followers may have anticipated. According to a recent interview with Us Weekly, a Brown family insider revealed, “[Kody] is not happy with the other wives threatening to leave… He’s considering starting fresh with new wives.”

While this would be an unprecedented change in the Sister Wives dynamic, it would not shock fans who have followed the Browns for the past decade. For starters, Kody’s relationships with Meri and Janelle are the most difficult they’ve ever been.

Although Meri remains dedicated to her spiritual husband despite his continued neglect, Kody has not been moved by his original wife’s loyalty. Kody Brown has stated that his relationship with Meri will never again exceed friendship.

Although Kody and Meri Brown have more history, the last few years of their spiritual union have only conveyed how available Meri Brown is to the polygamist patriarch. Kody has allowed Meri Brown to spend most of the pandemic alone in his apartment, and Meri Brown’s efforts to meet all of her husband’s strict directives have not rekindled the extinguished flame between the couple.

While it wouldn’t be a surprise for Kody to fire Meri Brown, it would be harder for viewers to digest Kody’s breakup with Janelle. The couple has not indicated that they have a passionate marriage, but Janelle has historically been one of Kody’s closest friends and allies.

The couple’s dynamic changed during season 16 of Sister Wives, however. Janelle has spoken out against Kody’s divisive coronavirus protocol, and some fans think the polygamist patriarch may be fed up with his second wife’s sudden outrage.

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