Sister Wives: Robyn Brown And Kody Brown Finally Explain

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown And Kody Brown Finally Explain

Sister Wives fans have been asking “what that nanny do” ever since they learned Robyn and Kody Brown had one. It was Christine Brown who asked the question that went viral and launched a thousand memes.

“what that nanny do?” Christine Brown, Meri Brown and Janelle Brown were baffled. Why did Kody and Robyn Brown need a nanny? Sister Wives fans went wild and turned the question into a meme. They were dying to understand why Kody and Robyn needed a nanny. In addition, fans also felt that having a nanny was a bit hypocritical from a man who was so strict about social detachment.

It turns out that Kody and Robyn Brown were recently spotted by fans in public. A photo was taken. And, finally, the fans got their answer. Finally, Kody and Robyn Brown explained, “what that nanny do”.

Sister Wives fans joined Christine Brown in total confusion. They couldn’t understand why a nanny was needed. After all, fans firmly believe that Robyn Brown has no real job. As we have reported before, Kody Brown has opened up about what he does for a living.

Although he did admit that COVID-19 threw his business into disarray. Kody Brown’s line of work, however, gives him quite a flexible schedule. So it allows him to come and go as he pleases. So fans wondered why a man with a flexible schedule and a woman who doesn’t seem to have a job would need a nanny at all.

Fans also pointed out that, according to their lifestyle, Robyn Brown’s children technically have three other mothers. If Kody and Robyn Brown would like to go on a date night… Couldn’t Meri, Janelle or Christine watch their kids? Fans know Christine is no longer in the picture. But fans have a hard time understanding what purpose the nanny served.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown And Kody Brown Finally Explain

A Sister Wives fan saw Kody Brown and Robyn Brown enjoying a romantic meal together recently. One thing fans were quick to point out was that this was the answer to the question “what that nanny do.” Fans jested “this is why they have a nanny”. Kody and Robyn Brown’s children were nowhere to be found.

Fans know Meri Brown because she recently stayed at her bed and breakfast to celebrate her birthday. Christine is no longer in the picture. And Janelle has been spending time with her adult children. So, the nanny is really the only person who could watch Kody and Robyn’s kids as they enjoy a romantic dinner together. Fans admit to being frustrated that Kody uses a nanny to spend all this romantic time with Robyn but never does anything special with his other wives.

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