Sister Wives: What’s Going On In Christine Brown’s Dating Life?

Sister Wives: What's Going On In Christine Brown's Dating Life?

Audiences have applauded Sister Wives star Christine Brown’s breakup from her polygamist husband Kody Brown since the couple announced their separation in November 2021. Christine Brown joined the plural marriage – which already included Meri and Janelle – in 1994, and she and Kody have had six children.

But now that Christine is going her own way, fans of the TLC series are wondering if she’s moved on romantically or plans to.

Sister Wives: What’s Going On In Christine Brown’s Dating Life?

Fans knew Christine Brown’s relationship with Kody Brown was on the rocks long before she announced their split, but it always seemed like her commitment to the polygamist lifestyle would outweigh her lack of feelings for the Brown family patriarch. But in November, Christine made the official announcement of her departure from the family.

Since then, fans of the mother of six have been keeping an eye on her social media pages, and many have noticed that she’s posting a lot more than she did before the split. In the words of one Reddit user (via Screen Rant), “Christine’s social media is posting far more regularly and the content is better … Who thinks this is the beginning of a new show?”

Others have commented that they would be interested in watching a spinoff about Christine starting over. Fans are particularly interested in Christine Brown’s renewed love life and whether she is currently seeing someone or plans to start dating in the near future.

Since she and Kody Brown only announced their split in November, it may be too soon for Christine to make dating public. So far, she hasn’t made any announcements about significant new people, and from her Instagram, it looks like Christine Brown is enjoying her time as a single woman.

Her social media feeds show the former Sister Wife positively thriving and enjoying time with family and friends. Christine seems to be focusing all of her energy on her family, especially her adorable grandchildren. She is also continuing her weight loss journey and often posts about her health and the progress she is making.

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