Sister Wives: Kody Brown Jealous Of Meri Brown?

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Jealous Of Meri Brown?

Kody Brown offered his original wife, Meri Brown, the least amount of affection throughout the Brown clan’s time on Sister Wives, and followers of the family think that Kody’s jealousy may have caused a rift in the relationship between the spiritual spouses.

Although Meri Brown only ever strived to win Kody’s devotion, fans suspect that Kody Brown was envious of his first wife sister’s economic position during the Browns’ complicated years on Sister Wives. Based on his reaction to Meri’s bed and breakfast and the patriarch’s infamous financial struggles, that’s why Sister Wives fans think Kody Brown is jealous of Meri.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Jealous Of Meri Brown?

Unfortunately, Meri Brown has rarely been in an enviable position during her harrowing journey on Sister Wives. Although she founded the Brown family’s plural marriage to Kody Brown when they married in 1990, Meri is rarely treated with the respect her controversial husband receives.

In particular, Meri Brown routinely receives the short end of the stick when it comes to enjoying a fruitful relationship with Kody. Despite their decade-long history together, Kody set aside his relationship with Meri to make more room for his favorite sister wife, Robyn. Without a healthy marriage, Meri has resorted to working on her own hobbies and passions, which some Sister Wives fans believe has made Kody Brown jealous of Meri.

Unfortunately, Meri Brown has had to get creative with her free time since her relationship with Kody died out on Sister Wives. Since Meri embarked on an online relationship with a catfish, Kody Brown has cemented that he wants nothing to do with his first wife. Recently, Kody also confirmed that he has no interest in rekindling a romantic connection with Meri and only aspires to be friendly with her. One way the original wife dealt with her broken heart is to throw herself into her passions.

In season 12 of Sister Wives, cshared that she has aspirations outside of her husband’s plural marriage when she announced her plans to open a bed and breakfast. Although Meri was excited to make her B&B a reality, Kody disagreed with his spiritual bride’s ambitions. When Meri opened her B&B, however, Sister Wives fans thought Kody was jealous.

Meri Brown has the most reason to be envious, as she has lost her emotional connection to Kody throughout the Brown family’s journey in Sister Wives, but viewers believe Kody Brown envies Meri. From her successful bed and breakfast to her failed polygamous aspirations, Sister Wives fans think Kody Brown is envious of Meri. While Meri may receive less love from her husband, Sister Wives viewers believe she has accumulated all of Kody’s envy.

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