Sister Wives: Kody Implies Christine Brown Was Not A Good Wife

Sister Wives: Kody Implies Christine Brown Was Not A Good Wife

Kody Brown is always full of complaints. The reality star has noted how some of his children and wife disrespect him. What’s more, he tends to compare the entire Brown family to his favourite Robyn Brown.

Now, for the upcoming season, the patriarch has slipped information about a third wife. The polygamist hinted that his ex-wife neither cooked nor cleaned. Fans are appalled by Sister Wives.

Sister Wives: Kody Implies Christine Brown Was Not A Good Wife

It’s been years since then and fans are still angry about Kody Brown and his behaviour. The patriarch of the family doesn’t like it when someone refuses to help the fourth wife. In a recent confession, the reality star pointed out how Christine Brown didn’t help Robyn with her children.

Another point to note in the testimony was that Kody cheated because his ex-wife craved emotional and physical intimacy. The ex-wife claimed that her husband spent only three of the 800 days with them.

Moreover, during that time it was clear that Kody Brown was not enjoying being with Christine Brown and her children. Therefore, Kody, when addressing the matter, stated that he had no time and many responsibilities. The reality star then went on to explain that she had a lot of work to do.

In a way, the patriarch of the family implied that he has more work as the head of the family. The Sister Wives celebrity noted that Christine Brown doesn’t cook or clean, so what does she do when she’s at home? Kody Brown then stopped and changed the subject.

Fans, however, are confused about Brown’s patriarchy. The audience pointed out that Christine has always taken care of the home and there hasn’t been a single day that she hasn’t contributed to the family. What’s more, in a previous interview, the TLC personality said that Christine brought light and shine to the house. Fans also say that Papa Brown has no right to defend himself and blame his ex-wife.

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