Sister Wives: Meri Brown And Kody Brown Go Broke?

Sister Wives: Meri Brown And Kody Brown Go Broke?

Christine Brown has openly admitted that Truely’s kidney problems as a child left her with an exorbitant amount of debt. Getting insurance, in a plural family, is not the easiest thing and is apparently left to her mother. For Ysabel’s scoliosis surgery, Christine Brown commented that she was waiting for the insurance to kick in.

Sister Wives fans were taken aback by the fact that children might not have coverage or have to worry. Wives can be much more stable now, stable enough to leave Kody if they want to, but that wasn’t always the case.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown And Kody Brown Go Broke?

One of the best things Christine Brown brought to the family was her homey side. She took care of the house and the children. As for the other two original wives, Meri Brown had a part-time job while Janelle was avowedly a workhorse. Kody was always busy with something, although no one was really sure what it was. He was all about making babies and moving around.

They had a well-oiled machine and never had to worry about subjecting their children to any supervision. The Brown children either went to poly schools or were homeschooled. Then, in 2005, Kody and Meri Brown realized their lifestyle was too much to handle. So, they filed for bankruptcy.

Janelle Brown had just given birth to Savanah a few months earlier. In the documents, obtained by RadarOnline, the couple owed creditors $229,873.49, about half of which was in mortgages. There was about 40K in credit card debt and 7K in auto loans. They also accumulated nearly 3K at Sears and 8K at The Home Depot. Supposedly, Kody and Meri Brown had $10 in cash and $5 in their joint account. In terms of work, Kody worked as a salesman for a sign store in Montana earning 4K/month. Meri earned $625/month working for engravers. Yet the mortgage was on a house in Wyoming.

Eventually, more than two years later, they were ordered to pay $187,885.74 in fees and the like. To add to all this, Kody and Meri allegedly claimed Janelle’s six children in their bankruptcy. This made it appear as if they had six children, not just one.

This wasn’t fair to Janelle who had always contributed financially to the family. Unfortunately, their problems were not over and this time, they were about to involve their other two wives.

Written by Christine Cohan

Christine Cohan is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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