Sister Wives: Paedon Opens Up About Kody’s Parenting

Sister Wives: Paedon Opens Up About Kody's Parenting

Sister Wives fans watched Kody Brown and Christine Brown’s relationship crumble and eventually dissolve. While TLC captured the moment Christine threw Kody Brown out, fans suspect the decision was made long before. Paedon Brown, the only child Christine and Kody share, doesn’t seem to disagree. He has his own theory as to why the marriage ended.

Sister Wives: Paedon Opens Up About Kody’s Parenting

Kody and Christine’s only son, Paedon Brown, is finally talking about his famous family. Paedon, who has been quiet and out of the spotlight for several years, recently reappeared on TikTok and made it pretty clear that he is on “team Christine” when it comes to the divorce. However, he insists that he’s not mad at his dad over the whole thing.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Paedon Brown stated that Kody Brown has found his “soulmate” in Robyn Brown. He went on to say that Kody Brown seems to have found the woman he “truly loves” and that there is really nothing more to say.

Paedon seems to be looking at the situation from a monogamous point of view. He, along with the rest of his adult siblings, did not choose polygamy as a way of life.

While some Sister Wives fans were shocked to hear Paedon Brown refer to his father and stepmother as “soulmates,” this isn’t the first time a member of the Brown family has used the term. Reddit users point out that Robyn Brown referred to Kody as her “soulmate” early in their marriage.

Interestingly, another Reddit user points out that Kody used the term “soulmate” referring to Meri Brown, his first wife. Kody has since rewritten the story and claims that he was “tricked” by Meri during their courtship.

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