Sister Wives: Pops Off At Critical Fans

Sister Wives: Pops Off At Critical Fans

Buckle up and sit down, because Meri Brown spoke about “a certain TV show” on her Instagram this afternoon. Refusing to identify the show by its real name, the TLC personality became candid about the pain Sister Wives Season 16 has caused her. What did Meri have to say about “a certain TV show” specifically? Read on for details…Meri is candid with fans of “a certain TV show”

Now, those of you who follow Meri Brown on social media know that she rarely talks about Sister Wives. In fact, she rarely posts anything even remotely related to her family. Every once in a while she gives fans a photo of herself with one of Robyn’s children. Likewise, we get the very rare tribute to her daughter Mariah. But, for the most part, Meri is a pretty closed book.

So, Sister Wives fans did a bit of a double take when she took to Instagram this afternoon to talk about not only her relationship with her husband Kody Brown. But she also addressed the “certain TV show” that’s currently airing.

For starters, Meri Brown begins her post by admitting that she and Kody Brown have grown apart. She reveals that she first used the label a few months ago. Fans suspect that finally using the term to define her relationship was a real wake-up call for Meri.

Sister Wives: Pops Off At Critical Fans

Meri Brown is candid about the fact that Sister Wives fans feel a certain way about her. She explained, “I try not to put labels on things but over the past few months as that ‘certain TV show’ has been airing, I’ve been labeled.”

As we previously reported, Meri Brown was quick to let fans know that they were really just seeing a new side of her. A side that was no longer interested in keeping her mouth shut and taking what she was given. This side of Meri Brown was committed to voicing her thoughts and feelings regardless of how they made others feel.

Now, Sister Wives fans refuse to let go of the desire for Meri Brown to leave Kody completely. They feel that she deserves something more. Likewise, Kody has pretty much admitted that she is emotionally out of the relationship and has no intention of going back to control it. Fans, however, were happy to receive this raw and real post from Meri Brown. They hoped that this was the first step towards her distancing herself from Kody and finding happiness and love somewhere else.

Written by Meghan Mentell

Meghan Mentell is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.

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