Sister Wives: Robyn Kept Her Family Separate.

Sister Wives: Robyn Kept Her Family Separate.

During the “Tell All” episodes included in the Sister Wives finale, Christine Brown was very open and honest about how the end of her relationship with Kody Brown came about.

The reality star was very candid about not being able to deal with a crumbling marriage while living next door to her husband’s perfectly functioning marriage.

Robyn also shed many tears during the finale, expressing both anger and sadness over Christine Brown’s decision to leave the family. Despite her tears, many fans feel that Robyn’s “sadness” is a facade. Is Robyn Brown really heartbroken?

Sister Wives: Robyn Kept Her Family Separate.

Throughout season 16 and at numerous points during the final episodes, it was mentioned that Christine Brown was considered the “primary caretaker” for most of the Brown children. This included not only her own 6 children but also those of Janelle and Meri.

Christine Brown prided herself on helping to raise the children of her sister wives. Unfortunately, when Robyn came on the scene, she didn’t seem to want Christine to take on any kind of authoritative role in her children’s lives.

Interviews from the early seasons suggest that Robyn made deliberate choices when it came to keeping Christine away from her family. In fact, while all the other wives used Christine as a janitor for their children, Robyn hired a babysitter instead.

This clip from season 8 was recently shared by a Reddit user on a Sister Wives thread. During the conversation, Christine made it pretty clear that she was absolutely heartbroken that Robyn would hire a babysitter rather than ask for her help with the kids. Robyn responded only with, “Are you serious right now?” She added nothing to defend herself or to convince Christine that this was not the case. It became the firm belief of many viewers that Robyn deliberately kept her children and her household with Kody Brown separate from the other ladies, almost as if she saw them as a threat.

After moving from Utah, it was clear that the family was facing some internal struggles. A lot of this was hidden by the wives and the editing of the show. This season of Sister Wives really focused on the dysfunction the family is experiencing. It also showed how the pandemic has exacerbated their problems. Most of the season’s episode focused on the struggles the other wives were experiencing as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Kody Brown’s overbearing and excessive rules for interacting became a sore point for all of the wives, with the exception of Robyn who seemed all too happy to do whatever it took to keep herself in Kody’s good graces.

While Christine Brown, Janelle, and Meri’s marriage seemed to be on the rocks, Robyn only expressed frustration with them, reflecting on why they couldn’t just follow the rules like she and her children did. While the other wives visibly struggled to keep up with Kody Brown’s ever-changing rules, Robyn never once protested. Instead, she followed his every command, securing her place at the top of the food chain.

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