Sister Wives: Robyn Was Vehemently Against The Move

Sister Wives: Robyn Was Vehemently Against The Move

Will the Brown family move to Utah? We know that Christine Brown desperately wants Kody Brown and Sister Wives to agree to move to Utah. She has even talked to Kody about it. But neither Kody nor the other women were in favour of the plan.

In a polyamorous relationship, it’s hard to get everyone’s wishes. Fans think Robyn Brown is behind the abandonment of the plan. Wonder what really happened.

Christine Brown no longer wants to live in Flagstaff. Staar made that clear in the season finale. Christine feels that Kody Brown doesn’t want her anymore. Christine’s crumbling life made fans fall in love with her. Staar has several reasons to leave Flagstaff and move to Utah. Most of her family members live in Utah. First and foremost, her father is in critical condition and she wants to be there for him in his final days.

Well, his thoughts and plans don’t match those of others. Kody Brown’s other wives don’t agree with Christine’s plans. Christine feels that no one is there for her. This breaks her even more. So will she move to Utah alone?

Sister Wives: Robyn Was Vehemently Against The Move

Kody’s fourth wife is the one who has the most problems with Christine’s plan. Robyn Brown has young children who are still at school.

Well, it’s not the same for the others. Robyn argues that moving to Utah isn’t fair to her children. Besides, Kody Brown and Robyn also have a home in Flagstaff, which may be an additional reason why they can’t move to Utah. Others also put forward their own reasons. The toughest one, however, was Robyn’s.

Showbiz CheatSheet reports that Kody Brown’s second wife Janielle is currently renting her own property and one of her children is still in high school. Christine and Kody’s daughter, Ysabel, will graduate from school this year.

Meanwhile, Meri and Kody Brown’s only child is already out on her own. The family has a lot in Flagstaff that they can’t suddenly leave behind.

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