Sister Wives: The New Christine Brown

Sister Wives: The New Christine Brown

Christine Brown may have hit one of her lowest points when season 16 of Sister Wives ended. However, she showed her followers that she is in control of her life.

Since leaving Kody Brown early last November, Christine has been the happiest she’s ever been. She has radiated to Utah while spending extra quality time with her children and granddaughter, Avalon. Now the mother of six is sharing her secret to a happy and productive life.

It’s easy to forget how bad Christine Brown’s marriage to Kody Brown was. The pandemic made it seem like he despised both her and Janelle for the way they handled the pandemic rules. He thought they were too lax and didn’t respect him.

Their children were too social while Christine traveled too much. This caused a huge wedge between the two and he stopped coming to her house.

Eventually, he told her he no longer wanted to be intimate with her. Yet, Kody Brown still wanted to stay married to Christine, claiming that many couples had marriages without romance. This was not what she wanted at all, and she told him to stay out of her bed. He did not take her seriously, as she had been threatening to leave for years. Flashbacks showed severe dysfunction with him calling her a crybaby. Finally, he had told Meri Brown that he could no longer make the marriage with Kody, but she kept trying.

Eventually, she packed up all his stuff and made him leave. She bought a $1.1 million home in Utah and the two are now divorced.

At tell-all, Christine Brown is very open about the state of their marriage. Fans have noticed her new level of confidence, despite Christine breaking down and saying that leaving Kody was the hardest thing ever.

Sister Wives: The New Christine Brown

On her Instagram, Christine shared how she lives her best life. She quoted Robyn Conley Downs and said it’s a mix of mindset, routines and habits. This is how you can achieve a happy life. Currently, Christine is working with Janelle, Maddie and now her daughter Mykelti to promote Plexus. She claims that it has changed her life and made her feel so much better. Also, she sells LulaRoe which is why she needs an employee, as Kody noted in one episode.

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