What John And Lonnie Hambrick From My 600-Lb Life Is Doing Today

What John And Lonnie Hambrick From My 600-Lb Life Is Doing Today

My 600-Lb Life spoilers reveal that fans are curious about what happened to brothers John and Lonnie Hambrick. They first appeared in the show’s eighth season, and as fans watch later seasons on streaming services such as Discovery+, they have maintained their weight.

When the two brothers entered the show, they knew they had to lose weight to become healthier and live better. Both had reached 600 pounds and at that point they knew life would become miserable, and it did. John could no longer sleep in the same bed as his wife because of his weight and had serious problems walking.

Lonnie Hambrick also suffered when his weight was so great. He told the cameras that the pain was “unbearable.” The brothers attributed their weight gain to their childhood, and the way they coped with those memories was to overeat. Food had become the way to cope with emotions and they could not stop. They needed help and wanted Dr. Now to help them.

What John And Lonnie Hambrick From My 600-Lb Life Is Doing Today

When they first met with Dr. Now, he told them that they needed to stop snacking. This was a major problem for them. Eventually they lost more than 100 pounds each and their weight dropped tremendously.

From what we have seen, Lonnie Hambrick and John Hambrick are even better off today! Both are present on social media, but they don’t post very often. When they did post, fans were shocked to see how fit they are!

Lonnie posted a picture of him with his brother and Dr. Now and they look like completely different people! Their fans applauded them for losing weight and maintaining it. Their weight loss journey has not been easy and it seems they are still working to stay healthy and thin!

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