Why Did Sister Wives’ Kody Brown And Christine Brown Split?

Why Did Sister Wives' Kody Brown And Christine Brown Split?

Sister Wives star Christine Brown has made headlines after the first episode of season 16. Apparently fans are on Christine’s side because of her attitude towards Kody Brown.

According to some, Christine Brown is finally starting to fight back and won’t let Kody Brown put her down. Christine has also openly expressed her dislike for Kody Brown’s housing project. Meanwhile, some think that Kody Brown is unable to build because of his endless arguments with his wife.

Why Did Sister Wives’ Kody Brown And Christine Brown Split?

In the first episode of the 16th season of Sister Wives, Christine Brown was vocal about her disapproval of Kody Brown’s building plans. Apparently, Kody also wants to get her own plot of land and build her own house. According to Kody, he is planning five subdivided plots on the site.

Christine Brown, however, doesn’t like it and told the cameras that she doesn’t like Kody’s idea at all. Christine Brown even called Kody Brown’s proposal “stupid” and a “waste of money”. Christine also expressed her frustration with the endless problems on the land.

Sister Wives star Christine Brown opened up about her children’s desire to leave Flagstaff. “None of my kids are going to stay in Flagstaff. They’ve all expressed no desire to live here whatsoever,” Christine said.

Christine Brown also admitted that she is no longer interested in Kody’s Coyote Pass project. It also seems to be one of the main reasons Christine left Kody and moved back to Utah.

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