Counting On Fans Are Wondering Where Kendra Is.

Counting On Fans Are Wondering Where Kendra Is.

Kendra Caldwell hasn’t shown up lately and this has worried some Counting On fans. he was not present at the shared photos of Joy-Anna Duggar’s baby shower or photos of Jim Bob Duggar’s 55th birthday party..

A quick look at her joint Instagram with Joseph Duggar and her parents’ account revealed no recent photos of her. Kendra’s last photo was shared in June, when she and her husband went on a double date with her mother and father.

Counting On Fans Are Wondering Where Kendra Is.

On the post with Instagram photos of Joy-Anna Duggar’s baby shower, a concerned fan talked and asked if Kendra Caldwell was okay. Duggar’s report said she was fine, but no explanation as to why she was absent from the event or not in the photos.

Some time later, another comment popped up. The Counting On fan wanted to know more about where Kendra Caldwell had been. They continued that he was suspicious. Why didn’t anyone mention her daughter-in-law and why wasn’t she part of the festivities?

Joy-Anna and Joseph Duggar are close. He proposed to Kendra Caldwell at Joy-Anna’s wedding. There was a lot of love shared between the brother and sister duo, so the absence at the baby’s party made the audience scratch their heads a long time ago.

Counting On: Is Kendra Pregnant?

Duggar’s young wife is suspected to be pregnant with their third child. Kendra Caldwell became pregnant shortly after her marriage to Joseph Duggar. Their oldest son, Garrett, celebrated his second birthday in June.

Last November, Kendra welcomed her second son with Joseph. Addison was part of the 2019 Duggar baby boom and shares a month-long birthday with cousins Bella and Maryella Duggar. Next week, on Counting On, Kendra’s labor and birth will be part of the new episode.

Given Garrett and Addison’s age, it is possible that Kendra Caldwell is expecting her third child. If she showed up and they were waiting to reveal it, her absence would make sense.

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