Counting On: Is Jessa pregnant?

Counting On: Is Jessa pregnant?

Jessa Duggar is the last Counting On star to be targeted by pregnancy gossip. In the last few days, word has spread that she and Ben Seewald may be expecting their fourth child.

At the moment, there are only two confirmed pregnancies in the Duggar family. Joy-Anna Duggar will give birth in mid-August and Jinger Duggar will be born in November.

Counting On: Is Jessa pregnant?

There are a few reasons why some Counting On fans think Jessa Duggar could join her growing brood.

She currently has three children with her husband, Ben Seewald. Ivy Jane is the youngest and celebrated her first birthday last May. Spurgeon, the oldest, turns five in November and Henry, the middle child, turns three in February.

Recently, Jessa Duggar shared a video of Ivy Jane’s birthday party in which she was given a kick-ass cake. Jim Bob Duggar can be heard joking that the inside of the cake is pink or blue.

This alluded to a gender revelation, although it was likely to be just nonsense. Jessa Duggar isn’t very good at revealing her children’s gender until after birth. Another reason why viewers wonder if Jessa Duggar is pregnant is because of a photo shared by Joy-Anna Duggar’s baby shower. In it, it looks like the reality star is trying to cover a belly under a very loose dress. It is not a definitive clue, but it has raised suspicions.

Before Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald got married, they were arguing about adoption. They want to bring a child into the family and raise it as their own. This was a much discussed topic and it was believed that their fourth child would be adopted.

Ben and Jessa Duggar said they started to look at their options, but they did not officially start the adoption process. With the births that Jessa Duggar had with Ivy and her children, an adoption rather than another birth would give her body a break.

She hadn’t planned to go to the hospital to deliver her baby, but unfortunately Ivy wasn’t keen to wait. She had to be taken in an ambulance because after the birth at home no one could stop the bleeding.

Written by Christine Cohan

Reality TV Writer / Editor


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