Counting On: Jill Provides Tips

Counting On: Jill Provides Tips

Counting On‘s Jill is in the pregnancy spotlight again. Fans have gathered two important clues in the last two days. Even if the fans see the signs, Jill says she’s not pregnant. But is she telling the truth or is she keeping it a secret until the pregnancy is safe?

Counting On: Jill Provides Tips

Fans are on high alert when it comes to a Jill Duggar pregnancy. Despite the fact that Jill and Derick Dillard have not announced plans to have more children, there is something suspicious. At least that’s what the fans are saying.

Jill Duggar from Counting On has posted a prescription with advice for “motion sickness,” but many people think that what she really means is morning sickness. Her little helper was on the counter and fans are interested to see if she’ll add another baby to the counter team.

Jill Duggar is making remedies for the illness, making many snacks. And let’s just add that her hormones seem to be going crazy. Right now she’s getting severe acne. Sounds like a baby prescription for this Counting On Mama.

Counting On: Samuel Scott Dillard Wears Big Bro Shirt

If the prescription for the disease remedy isn’t enough to raise people’s eyebrows, take a look at Sam. Samuel Scott Dillard’s wearing a shirt that says “big pro” in a recent photo. Fans start asking questions and say they’re waiting for an announcement. But Jill Duggar says there’s no announcement to make.

In fact, she says Samuel Scott Dillard pulled out his big brother’s shirt and didn’t take it off. Nobody believes that for a second and they’re waiting to see if Jill’s gonna take pictures of the whole body. It’s time to look for a new Duggar belly.

Jill’s recent pictures from the Counting On exhibit don’t show any belly. If she’s pregnant, then it’s still very early in the pregnancy. With her youngest baby at 3, at least Jill has some time to prepare if she wants to have another baby. But as far as we know, that wasn’t planned.

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