Counting On: Jana Duggar Was Called Brainwashed By A Counting On Fan.

Counting On: Jana Was Called Brainwashed By A Counting On Fan.

Jana Duggar shared a message about how wonderful her mother, Michelle Duggar, is just in time for her birthday this weekend. While some of the siblings touched the heart in the post, only Joy-Anna Duggar made it a point to agree with her oldest sister.

Counting On: Jana Was Called Brainwashed By A Counting On Fan.

On important occasions you can count on Jana to recognize those who need to feel special. She has shouted at both her parents several times, but this year her post for Michelle Duggar was different.

Joy-Anna Duggar showed up to agree with everything her big sister said about her mother. Under the remark she made agreeing with Jana, a Counting On fan accused the eldest daughter of being brainwashed.

There has been much discussion about Jana and her role in the family. She is now 30 years old and is still staying home to help with the younger children. All other adult Duggar sisters are married and leave Jana, the lonely female adult sibling, behind in the house.

Has she been brainwashed, or does she feel an overwhelming responsibility for her younger siblings? Jana has spent a lot of time helping her mother, and with the other sisters who are married and have moved on, she has had to pick up the slack.

On tonight’s episode of Counting On, Jana Duggar will get a surprise from her family. She is the one with the green fingers, so a garden and a greenhouse is something she will enjoy. For now, it looks like she will continue to film the show with her family. There is speculation that she might be the one to court.

Rumor has it that the episode next week will contain an announcement of courting. There are four boys and Jana who qualify as adults in the family. She is probably one of the brothers, although she cannot be completely excluded.

She seems to enjoy the fact that she is an aunt of Grace Duggar and some believe that John-David Duggar’s little girl is her favorite. Jana has shared photos of places she has been this summer, including Silver Dollar City with some of her siblings. Jana may not be the most conventional Duggar kid, but she seems to enjoy what she does. She has branched out where her wardrobe is concerned, leaving some Counting On fans speechless.

Written by Sarah Milner

Sarah Milner is a freelance writer for over 5 years.


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  1. Jana Duggar, you’re my favorite Duggar on the show, counting on is the best, God bless you and God has a great plan for your life Jana, God bless

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