Counting On: Jeremy Vuolo and Jinger Duggar Do Things Differently Than Other Members Of Her Family

Counting On: Jeremy Vuolo and Jinger Duggar Do Things Differently Than Other Members Of Her Family

Jeremy Vuolo and Jinger Duggar have acclimatized to a very different life since the two got married in 2016. Vuolo essentially pulled Duggar out of the sheltered life he had lived for years, and now, the two seem to be the most traditional couple in the family.

However, it still seems that whenever they are around Duggar’s family, they go back to the rules and manners of his parents. And for this reason, some fans think that the two live a completely different life alone, a life they might try to hide.

Counting On: Jeremy Vuolo and Jinger Duggar Do Things Differently Than Other Members Of Her Family

When Duggar and Vuolo got married for the first time, they moved to Laredo, Texas, where Vuolo worked as a pastor. From there, they began to live a much more traditional life than Duggar’s parents and brothers.

Duggar started wearing pants, and the two of them started following sports teams and watching television (Vuolo had always done these things). They seem to have carved out a new place for themselves in the world; they even let their daughter, Felicity, watch television, and many think they will end up sending her to school.


Some fans think that Duggar and Vuolo are actually hiding who they are from his parents. Duggar posted a video about his story on Instagram of his daughter Felicity, who wears a Roswell T-shirt and plays with the little shark – and Reddit users had interesting things to say about the couple’s life together.

“Am I the only one who thinks that [Jinger and Jeremy] have put up a [fundamentalist] front for parents in Arkansas and live real [mainstream] music, Netflix & avo toast the life of So Cali in Los Angeles?” wrote one Reddit user. “Jinger in a bikini by 2025” suggested another user, since Duggars were not allowed to wear swimsuits when they grew up. Others, however, felt it was the other way around and suggested that Duggar and Vuolo are trying to save face in order not to lose more sponsorship.

Counting On: Some Want Duggar To Move Back To Arkansas Near Her Sisters

Duggar recently posted a photo with some of his sisters, and fans were thrilled to see all the women spending time together. Duggar doesn’t come home as often anymore, and some fans would like him back in Arkansas to be with them.

“Come closer,” said a user in the picture. “It really makes your fans happy to see you all in one picture,” someone else wrote. But most people think Duggar and Vuolo are fine where they are and don’t want the couple to go back to Arkansas anytime soon. Also, if they hide their lifestyle from her parents, it would be very difficult to do so while they live so close to them.

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  1. The journalist of this article needs to proof read before publishing. Just saying!
    I think it would be best if they don’t live too close to the Duggar’s.

  2. You know I and many of my friends are IFB and we lead normal lives. You all make it sound like we are in some cult. We go to good movies. watch TV go to the beach..some people think this is wrong…thats between them and the Lord . we wear. for the most part wear jeans and some even come to church in them. The Duggars had every right to rear their children with their convictions. Just as their children have their right to rear their children as they see if. My daughter does things differently than I did..its ok…she and her husband now will give account to the Lord…not her mom and dad..i just wish the writers would stop making a big deal about how the Duggan kids were reared

  3. Jinger is young and married too quick, their courtship wasn’t long enough to know one another deeply. She will regret in the long run. I see massive insecurity driving her to focus on her looks which is shallow but there is a reason for her doing this and it’s because her husband makes her feel insecure. She is cute but rather plain looking honestly even with dyed hair and a pound of makeup. Jeremy is better looking than she is pretty and young good looking pastors are targets for affairs. He seems shallow too and wouldn’t be surprised if he cheats in the future. He is another one of these dime a dozen false preachers in it for the filthy lucre. While Gothardism is cultic not all fundamentalists follow that man, yet maintain strict convictions. The whole family has fallen after money period and have lost their pilgrim character.

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