Counting On: Jinger Duggar Just Lost Her Partnership With Ruggable

Counting On: Jinger Duggar Just Lost Her Partnership With Ruggable

We’ve been following Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s sons for quite a while – and it’s Jinger Duggar who’s getting a lot of attention. Jinger and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, moved to Los Angeles with their young daughter Felicity. The purpose of the move was for Jeremy’s ministry program, but fans loved the fact that Jinger was willing to break away from his home state of Arkansas and live the big city life he’d always dreamed of.

So far, though, it hasn’t been an easy road for Jinger. While he’s trying to get some sponsorship and work on his Instagram influencing his Instagram, he’s losing collaborations because of his family’s beliefs. And her followers think that her Felicity dancing video is an attempt to prove that it has nothing to do with her Christian fundamentalist parents.

Counting On: Jinger Duggar Just Lost Her Partnership With Ruggable

The Duggars typically believe that it is men who go to work and women who look after the children and the house. This may also be true for Jinger and Jeremy – although it seems that Jinger has made an attempt to influence Instagram. He promoted a variety of products on the ‘gram’. But his collaboration with Ruggable has apparently ended.

According to Reddit, Ruggable sent a note to a client informing him that the company was ending its partnership with Jeremy Vuolo. The Duggars are known for their controversial views that include anti-LGBTQ rights and the pro-life movement. And Ruggable mentioned them in their letter.

“We were not aware of any previous comments, support organizations or religious affiliations related to Jinger and his family,” the company said. “This is a complete oversight on our part and we sincerely apologize because their family’s views do not reflect ours in any way”.

Counting On: She Previously Lost A Partnership With Fonuts

This isn’t Jinger Duaggar’s first round of losing partnerships. The star of Counting On had a partnership with Fonuts, a doughnut company based in Los Angeles, and also had his own limited edition article. Unfortunately, a major setback followed. Those against the Duggar family warn Fonuts that the Duggars have a bigoted vision. Later, the company apologized for collaborating with Jinger.

Not only that, but Jinger Duggar was also due to make an appearance at a Toys for Tots event associated with designer Rebecca Minkoff. After the Fonuts debacle, the event stated that Jinger would no longer make an appearance due to “personal circumstances”. It seems that Jinger chose to cancel this event alone, but the situation with Fonuts most likely had an important effect.

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  1. Fonuts are plain stupid if this is true. Everyone can believe what they want and if they listen to a few trolls then I hope their business fails. Damn idiots.

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