Counting On: Jill Has Separated Herself From Her Parents

Counting On: Jill Has Separated Herself From Her Parents

Jill and Derick haven’t been to Counting On in three years, and since they left, the two have raised their families differently than the way Duggar was raised.

Now, fans are calling for Duggar to re-evaluate her life as soon as she starts sending her younger child to school.

Counting On: Jill Has Separated Herself From Her Parents

When Jill Duggar and Dillard counted back in 2017, they also left the limitations of Duggar’s family. As they grew up, Duggar and her siblings had a number of strict rules to follow, including the fact that they had to dress in a certain way and always keep their hair long. Moreover, Michelle taught all her children at home, so that the children could only communicate with others who shared the same faith.

Now, Jill Duggar is branched out from her parents‘ ways. She recently started wearing pants (and even shorts) and cut most of her hair at the end of last year.

Now that Jill Duggar’s husband and eldest son are in school, she’s home with Sam all day long. But viewers of the show have been cheering for Duggar’s separation from her family, and now they’re calling for her to consider going back to school once Duggar gets her kids into public school.

“I hope [Jill Duggar] goes to college and eventually becomes a qualified midwife, because that’s what she’s always been interested in,” a user on Reddit wrote. “Assuming Derek makes enough money, I suspect he’ll encourage her to at least get a diploma from a partner,” another person said. Others suggested that she might become a “volunteer at school” near her children or an assistant to the teacher.


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