Counting On: Jinger And Jeremy Met Through Duggar’s Sister, Jessa

Counting On: Jinger And Jeremy Met Through Duggar’s Sister, Jessa

Jinger and Jeremy have been married for almost four years, but the two have not spent much time courting (from what we know). The Counting On couple only officially courted for a month before Vuolo proposed. But now, some of the viewers of the show theorize that Duggar and Vuolo secretly courted long before their family made any kind of public announcement.

Counting On: Jinger And Jeremy Met Through Duggar’s Sister, Jessa

Many of the Duggar kids met their husbands through church or home schooling, but the introduction of Duggar and Vuolo was more of a surprise. Jessa and Ben Seewald had visited Texas and were looking for plans when they heard that a church meeting was being held at Vuolo’s house. Although they had never met Vuolo, the three of them were doing well, and shortly after, Vuolo came to Arkansas to visit the Seewalds.

From there, Vuolo and Duggar realized they had a connection, and after approval from Jim Bob, the two were able to start a courtship. But a lot of time passed between the couple’s first meeting and their public courtship.

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Jinger Duggar and Vuolo were first introduced in 2015, and according to Romper it was almost a whole year before they actually went steady. Although the two were open about not courting from the moment they met, some critics of the show were theorizing the two secretly courting prior to Jim Bob’s approval or a public announcement. According to Vuolo, it was only after a mission to Central America that he sought the approval of the courtship.

“Vuolo sniffed Jinger for a long time… I honestly feel sorry for Jinger,” said someone at Reddit. Fans noticed Vuolo in a Counting On episode in 2015 and are convinced that he was trying to make a move long before anyone realized. “This [Counting On appearance] was in Arkansas for Jessa’s baby shower. Why would he travel from Laredo to Arkansas for a stupid baby shower,” another critic wrote, agreeing that something seemed to be going on with Duggar and Vuolo early on.

Someone else suggested that the two might have been courting long before a public announcement, but that their courtship was kept under wraps because of the failed courtship between Josiah and Marjorie shortly before. Yet it is only speculation from the viewers, and no one can definitively say that Duggar and Vuolo were in a secret courtship before the public was informed.

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