Counting On: Jinger And Jeremy Shared An Update With Fans

Counting On: Jinger And Jeremy Shared An Update With Fans

Jeremy Vuolo and Jinger Duggar are pretty active on social media, but their posts lately have been a little weird. As Entertainment Chronicle previously reported, Jeremy shared a mystery photo. Now, the strange posts keep coming.

On his Instagram stories, Jeremy Vuolo shared a photo of himself and his wife Jinger Duggar in an unrecognizable location. It’s unclear if they are at home, at church, or somewhere else. In the photo, Jinger and Jeremy are standing and looking at Jeremy’s phone. It is unclear why they would post this photo.

On Instagram, Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball shared one of the photos of Jinger and Jeremy. She was focused on the oxygen tank in the background, which could be a sign that one of them had Covid at some point. However, the comments are about the strangeness of the photo. One Instagram user writes, “Something’s not right. I suppose it can all be explained, but his fish…”

In the comments section of Jinger’s latest post, his followers are calling him “random.” Some say the photos are “weird” and that Jinger and Jeremy are weird, too.

Some fans think there’s a deeper meaning behind all these strange photos. They wonder if there might be some big announcement coming from Jinger and Jeremy soon.

Of course, this is all speculation. Maybe the couple is just trying to take more unique photos than they were used to, especially if they don’t want their kids to be around more.

Written by Sarah Milner

Sarah Milner is a freelance writer for over 5 years.


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