Counting On: Jinger Is Thankful for Her Husband

Counting On: Jinger Is Thankful for Her Husband

Jinger Duggar of Counting On asked Jeremy Vuolo if it was his first time making a cake. Jeremy Vuolo said it was his first time and he was a little nervous when he started. He said it didn’t start out great because he dropped butter on the floor.

Counting On star Jeremy Vuolo said all the ingredients mixed together looked gross. But he said he knew it would taste great. He got everything in the pan and started the timer for 40 minutes, but everything didn’t go smoothly. He took the cake out and was surprised to see that it was far from done. Jeremy Vuolo of Counting On went to investigate and discovered that he had set the temperature to 180F instead of 350F because the recipe was from New Zealand.

After waiting 40 minutes and being disappointed, Jeremy Vuolo of Counting On tried again. When he took the cake out of the oven the next time, it was ready to go, but he almost broke the oven rack. He said he was worried about this process because there was “a lot riding on it.”

Jeremy Vuolo said he had to make the snack for the evening. Jinger Duggar was giggling at him in the background. He seemed a little embarrassed, but Jinger did not verbally scold him about his lack of cooking skills.

Fans of Counting On shared their surprise that Jinger even dared to laugh at him. They thought it would look like she disrespected her husband. Anyway, the cake eventually came out of the oven, fully baked.

Counting On: Jinger Is Thankful for Her Husband

Despite the laughter, Jinger Duggar of Counting On was a good sport and helped document her husband. Jinger and her siblings learned to cook at an early age. So, it was probably strange for Jinger to see her husband so awkward in the kitchen.

Jinger said her husband is her best friend and she is grateful for him. They do their best to communicate daily and grow their relationship. Jeremy said they talk every night to make sure they don’t leave anything on their minds.

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