Counting On: Why Are Fans Worried About Jinger?

Counting On: Why Are Fans Worried About Jinger?

Jeremy Vuolo shared a new photo of his wife Jinger Duggar and it doesn’t seem to have gotten the response he was hoping for. Fans are frightened and worried for Jinger because they think she’s not okay.

On Instagram, Jeremy Vuolo posts lots of pictures of his wife, himself and what they do every day. For now, the couple don’t post pictures of their kids for privacy reasons, but they share a lot of other posts.

Fans like everything they post, although they long to see the kids. While Jinger and Jeremy don’t post pictures of their kids, another family member recently shared this picture. Jeremy Vuolo’s latest photo shows his wife sitting on the couch. He calls her look “mid-week mood”. He’s wearing short shorts, which fans were shocked to see. But that’s not all the fans are talking about in the comments section of the post. They have a lot to say about the photo and Jinger in general.

Every time one of the Duggar kids shares a new post on social media, they get a different response. Some fans praise them, while others point out all the things they might be doing wrong. Some fans pick up on the smallest details and make assumptions about the family.

Counting On: Why Are Fans Worried About Jinger?

In response to a recent post by Jinger and Jeremy, they are of the opinion that she does not look happy. One fan writes: “Jinger looks so unhappy in recent photos”. In another post, someone comments: “Jinger looks so unhappy”. Others comment that she looks “sad”. In the past, fans have worried that Jeremy isn’t a good husband or that he’s controlling. He has been berated for talking over his wife during their podcasts and videos. Others have wondered if he might have post-natal depression or some other mental health condition.

Other fans argue that Jinger seems to be fine and that the picture doesn’t reflect her whole day and how she really feels. Perhaps she doesn’t look happy for some other reason.

After all, the couple are quite busy with their two young daughters and they live far away from the rest of the Duggar family.

It doesn’t seem likely that Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo would address these concerns openly. They usually do not respond to negative comments on their posts. Nonetheless, fans simply hope that Jinger and Jeremy are both happy and healthy.

Written by Meghan Mentell

Meghan Mentell is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.

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