Counting On: Jinger Is Jeremy’s “HERO”

Counting On: Jinger Is Jeremy’s “HERO”

Jeremy called Jinger Duggar his “hero” and his Instagram followers are here for this. The father of two shared a photo of his wife and their newest addition, Evangeline Jo, from the hospital after her birth.

It’s been a little over a week since they welcomed their new little one and they are already at work and have forced their last attempt, Hope & Stead.

Counting On: Jinger Is Jeremy’s “HERO”

The photo Jeremy shared with his wife and daughter received quite some attention. He usually doesn’t post too much, and the sweet stuff is little and far away. It wasn’t the typical post about how great Jinger is, but rather an appreciation for everything she does for him and their two girls.

The caption reads in part: “This picture of my beautiful bride is more than just a radiant mother with her newborn daughter. It is a portrait of dignity, honor, courage, strength and love-radical, self-sacrificing love. That’s why this woman is my hero, and (although they don’t realize it yet) Felicity’s and Evy Jo’s hero as well”.

Now that Jinger Duggar has two little ones at home to take care of, Jeremy Vuolo has seen the sacrifices she has made in just over a week since Evangeline Jo was born.

A lot has happened for the couple in the past year. They had a miscarriage last fall, which made Evangeline Jo their rainbow baby. Earlier this year they released a podcast that also got quite a following. Working on their brand seems to be what they’re focusing on, that’s why they’ve come up with their new attempt.

Recently Hope & Stead went live. Jinger has been teasing it for a while, and now it’s concrete. She and Jeremy did some promo shots for their brand, even enlisting the help of Michelle and Jordyn Duggar when they were in town.

As the holidays get closer, the couple learns to adapt to the fact that they are a family of four. All the pictures refer to Felicity who adapts well to the fact that they are a big sister.

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