Counting On: Jinger Duggar Called Felicity A Fashionista.

Counting On: Jinger Called Felicity A Fashionista.

Jinger Duggar insists that Felicity is already a fashionista. The girl turns two in July, and already has opinions about what she wears.

The Counting On star shared a photo of herself in little Felicity Vuolo’s dressing. In the caption, she revealed that her daughter is contributing to her wardrobe. Jinger says her daughter even follows her into the closet to help her choose what to wear.

Counting On: Jessa Calls Jinger Duggar Classy

On the Instagram pole, Jessa Duggar talked about Felicity’s wardrobe being classy. She said, “Her wardrobe is classy, just like her mother’s.”

The two sisters are thick as thieves. Jessa Duggar went to see Jinger shortly after Christmas last year. She took Ivy Jane to meet Felicity, and the photos they shared were lovely.

Felicity is almost two and already has an eye for fashion. Jinger is the only Duggar child who has taken a stand on style. She wore pants before anyone else and since she moved to Los Angeles she’s stepped up her game. From pants to blonde hair, the California girl has come to life in her. Now, it looks like her daughter’s following in her footsteps.

Counting On: Jinger Called Felicity A Fashionista.

To date, Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo are the most traditional Duggar couple. They still follow the rules, but are more relaxed when it comes to wardrobe and experiences.

Moving to the West Coast was a big step forward, especially for a girl who grew up in Arkansas and has been sheltered all her life.

In July, Felicity will celebrate her second birthday. She didn’t grow up with all her cousins like some of Duggar’s other nephews. While there have been visits from some family members to visit Jinger, many of them have not yet made the trip. Felicity is only interacting with her mom and dad, while a bit of Facetime happens with her extended family.

If Felicity’s opinions are any indication, it seems that the little girl can follow in her fashionista mum’s footsteps. Jinger is constantly making news for her clothing choices and changes in appearance. She has gone from following all the strict rules of the Duggar to having a bit of freedom of choice.

It’ll be a few years before Felicity goes around picking out her entire wardrobe by herself. For now, Jinger is enjoying her time with her little girl.

Written by Christine Cohan

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