Counting On: Jinger Was Once A Fan Favorite On ‘Counting On’

Counting On: Jinger Was Once A Fan Favorite On ‘Counting On’

Counting on star Jinger Duggar, she has done her best in recent years to become an Instagram influencer, although she has had some problems with her campaigns. Duggar, who has more than 1.3 million followers, seems to be often involved in certain businesses and influencers who then fail. Fans have noticed it, and someone recently reported her for his “scam”.

Counting On: Jinger Was Once A Fan Favorite On ‘Counting On’

Although Counting On has been between seasons for some time, Duggar has always been one of those that fans love to watch. She married Jeremy Vuolo in 2016, and the two started a new life together in Laredo, Texas. From there,

Duggar began to find herself. She abandoned the long skirts she had been forced to wear as a child in favor of more modern pants and shorts. Eventually she dyed her hair blond and cut almost all of it, essentially creating a new identity for herself. And fans have always loved watching her grow.

Counting On: Jinger Is Trying To Make A Living Through Instagram

Duggar’s daughters have no college education and are encouraged not to work. They should take care of their home, husband and children. But most of them are trying to make money for their families. Duggar has been involved in several influenza campaigns, but all have failed because of Duggar’s beliefs. She tried to promote a donut company, a carpet company and a fashion designer – but all advertising was withdrawn.

Duggar recently announced a contest to give $4,000 in cash to two lucky winners. She announced the rules about her story and asked fans to follow her new account to participate. But a few hours later, the contest had been deleted from her Instagram page.

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  1. So was the contest deleted from Jinger’s Instagram page as abruptly as this story ended here?

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