Do The ‘Sister Wives’ Get Along?

Do The 'Sister Wives' Get Along?

While many of us enjoyed watching the HBO drama Big Love, in which Bill Paxton plays a polygamist with three wives, we are even more captivated by the Brown family as they are an example of real life. We first started following Kody Brown and his four wives on the TLC reality series “Sister Wives” in 2010, and because the series has so many seasons, there has been a lot to keep track of.

Now that Christine Brown has left Sister Wives, fans are wondering what Kody Brown’s relationship with his four wives is really like. Through the episodes of the series and some interviews, the women are quite honest and open about what their lives are like.

Meri Brown has spoken about her marriage and fans are still keen to find out more about this unique situation. Kody Brown has 18 children and four wives. Meri Brown spoke about the pandemic and how her family is coping.

According to People, Meri spoke about the situation on a recent episode of the reality series and Meri told Robyn that she thinks Robyn has set strict rules on how the family sees each other during this time.

Fans found out that Kody Brown made up the rules, but Robyn Brown is not happy at the moment because she is worried that Kody’s other wives and children don’t see much of him. Since Kody Brown has been staying at Robyn Brown’s, Robyn said she “hasn’t signed up for monogamy” and doesn’t like it.

When Meri and Robyn Brown finally saw each other again after isolating themselves during the pandemic, there were many feelings about Meri’s reunion, reports Cheat Sheet.

When this reunion was filmed for an episode of the “Sister Wives” series, Meri spoke about how much it meant and said to her: “I’m just glad that this is finally happening. It’s just been a really, really long time. It’s just not normal and natural for family to be separated like this. I missed hugs from these kids. I’ve missed hanging out with them.”

Do The ‘Sister Wives’ Get Along?

While some viewers of Sister Wives may think that Kody Brown’s wives don’t like each other and that there is a lot of jealousy, this doesn’t seem to be the case.

According to Us Weekly, fans got to see the positive relationship that some of the wives have with each other when the Brown family celebrated Thanksgiving. It seems Robyn and Meri are quite close as they made a meal together.

Kody Brown wasn’t happy, though, and he told the camera, “I would never again, for the rest of my life, ever want to have wives sharing a kitchen. There is a tendency from what I’ve seen to be this vying for power and position or relinquishing power and position to get along… I never want to see my wives sharing a kitchen ever.”

It also seems that although not all family members are best friends, they are honest with each other and try to help each other. According to People, when Christine Brown shared that she was planning to leave Kody Brown and step away from the family, Meri spoke to her to make sure that’s really what she wanted. Christine explained that she’s too jealous of Kody’s three other partners, “I’m really sorry — I still get jealous. I still get super, super, super jealous and I’m really, really, really sorry.”

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