Little People, Big World: Amy Talked About Coronavirus On Her Instagram

Little People, Big World: Amy Talked About Coronavirus On Her Instagram

Social estrangement due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) is not easy for anyone – and Amy Roloff from Little People, Big World is even sharing her thoughts and feelings about the current crisis.

We know that a new season of the show is going on, and fans are excited to finally see the moment when Amy’s current partner, Chris Marek, made the proposal. Not only that, but we are also seeing Amy Roloff moving away from Roloff Farms, which she is leaving to her ex-husband Matt Roloff. But aside from the season, Amy Roloff also often talks to her social media followers. And her recent live Facebook video talks about the major milestones she’s missing with her family because of the virus.

Little People, Big World: Amy Talked About Coronavirus On Her Instagram

Amy Roloff’s always been good at keeping up with her followers when it comes to real-world issues. And she talked about the importance of being safe in these uncertain times.

“We are definitely living in a very precarious and frightening time right now, it’s crazy,” Amy Roloff said in an Instagram video posted on March 13. “I just wanted to let you know that I’m thinking about everyone and I’m trying to do my best.” But I think it’s a reminder for us to do our due diligence to stay safe, stay healthy, and do everything we can to try to make that happen. Not just for ourselves, but for those around us.

As for what she and Marek are doing, it is clear that they will stay at home, set up her new home, and get in touch with friends as much as possible. “Relaxing on a late Sunday afternoon,” Amy Roloff wrote a post about her and Marek on April 26. “She zoomed in with good friends and enjoyed staying in touch… in any way she could.”

Little People, Big World: Amy Roloff Said ‘it’s Ok To Be Sad For Those Moments’ That Are Lost During This Time

Not only did Amy Roloff become personal, she also talked to her followers about what they can experience.

“I know many of you are missing some great, great events. We’re hearing about it on the news. We hear it everywhere,” Amy Roloff said. And she noted her sadness for high school seniors who won’t be able to walk to graduation or attend the dance. They are milestones and they are very deep and sad moments. And I think it’s okay to be a little sad about those moments.

But Amy Roloff then warned not to stay in sadness for too long. “Find a way to be proud of the fact that you made it to senior year, did a great job… a different way to celebrate it afterwards.”

We’re grateful for Amy’s words of comfort these days. Although she is definitely losing the life of her family, there is a lot of joy to come in the future!

Written by Ashley Bennett

Reality TV writer.


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  1. Is that the way you acted with your father when he was cheating on your mom? Your mother was Happy after years of the way she was treated by your father. Did you only think about your feelings. You should have been jumping for JOY that she is now happy after your father put her thru. Quite feelin sorry for yourself and be HAPPY FOR HER.

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