Little People, Big World: Audrey Roloff Gave Birth To Her Third Child

Little People, Big World: Audrey Roloff Gave Birth To Her Third Child

Tori Roloff was one of the first members of the Little People, Big World family to react to the birth of Audrey and Jeremy’s son. But fans of LPBW aren’t very happy with how the TLC star reacted to the birth announcement.

In fact, Tori Roloff’s fans have been upset by her very blunt reaction, which didn’t seem very supportive or welcoming. So what did Tori Roloff say – or leave unsaid – in response to the birth announcement that has fans so up in arms?

Little People, Big World: Audrey Roloff Gave Birth To Her Third Child

Audrey Roloff and Jeremy Roloff announced tonight on Instagram that they have given birth. They welcomed a beautiful baby boy into the world. And they decided to name him Radley Knight Roloff. As we’ve reported before, the Roloff family reacted quickly to the news. But some fans were not happy with what Tori Roloff had to say.

Tori wrote a simple “congrats” for the birth of Audrey and Jeremy. Her comment was liked over 100 times. But some fans were not happy with her. In fact, one fan ticked off her underwhelming comment for not supporting her sisters.

But not everyone felt that Tori was over the line. Some fans were quick to defend her. One person pointed out that she read too much into one word. This fan pointed out that the next thing this person will probably criticize is how many exclamation points Tori Roloff used.

Other fans pointed out that it was just Instagram. It was just a small window into this family’s life. And no one knows how Tori personally reacted or what she said. Some fans noted that Tori Roloff left a simple congratulations just so people wouldn’t criticize her for not saying anything at all about the birth.

Either way, there were plenty of fans who didn’t think Tori Roloff’s comment was insignificant. LPBW fans know that finding out Audrey and Isabel were pregnant couldn’t have been easy for Tori Roloff. She was supposed to be pregnant with her niece. Unfortunately, Tori Roloff’s pregnancy was unfinished. Isabel and Audrey Roloff actually got in quite a bit of trouble for sharing so much about their pregnancy, as fans thought it was insensitive to Tori. Audrey didn’t react much to the backlash. Isabel, on the other hand, pointed out that it was her first pregnancy and she should be allowed to enjoy it without feeling guilty.

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