Little People Big World: Is Season 24 the Last?

Little People, Big World: Is Season 24 the Last?

Little People Big World started on TLC in 2006. Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff and their four children have grown and changed dramatically since then. Most of them aren’t even stars on the show.

Along with this, many things in the series have taken a negative turn. This happened after Little People, Big World stars Matt and Zach got into a fight over the future of the Roloff farms. Now, fans feel the series is nearing its end.

Little People, Big World: Is Season 24 the Last?

In the 23rd season of “LPBW”, Matt Roloff often discussed his retirement. So Zach Roloff wanted to take over the farm from him. But the deal wasn’t good enough for the patriarch and didn’t go through. Since then, the father-son duo now shares the bitterness.

Still, they’ll all be back on November 1 for a new Little People, Big World season. This has led audiences to believe that this could be the final instalment of the franchise. Some have also picked up clues online.

For example, none of the Little People, Big World actors have yet promoted the new season on social media. Amy Roloff is also an avid cook, in addition to her reality TV career. That’s why she often shares her recipes on social media. In fact, the production value of her cooking videos has increased.

This leads to the fact that more Little People, Big World fans believe that this could be the last season of the season. In fact, Amy Roloff’s husband Chris Marek had also said that the couple has signed up for two seasons i.e. season 23 and 24. However, there is no official confirmation about it. So viewers will have to wait for either the cast or the TV channel to clarify the future of the series.

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