Mama June: From Not to Hot: Geno and Mama June Going Strong

Mama June: From Not to Hot: Geno and Mama June Going Strong

Mama June: From Not to Hot celebs June Shannon and Geno Doak still seem to be in love and healthy these days. Recently, they strutted on a Florida beach to celebrate July 4th. Now, it looks like Geno and Mama are in a good place, and the stars of WEtv know how to enjoy a sober life.

Mama June: From Not to Hot: Geno and Mama June Going Strong

Mama June: From Not to Hot fan-fave June Shannon and her man Geno Doak seem really close these days. Of course, things have been difficult for the couple and they have hit rock bottom while they were under the influence of drugs. However, they are done with rehab, and those dark days seem to be over.

Recently, Geno and his girlfriend June were on a beach in Florida, and Geno was very affectionate because he had his arm around her. Plus, they were holding hands and smiling in different photos. All in all, Mama June: From Not to Hot stars looks incredibly happy and healthy.

Mama June: From Not to Hot: Loving Sober Life

Mama June: From Not to Hot’s Geno Doak and Mama June seem a million times better now. They recently spent July 4th together on the beach where they live in Florida. Also, there was no shame in playing Mama while she was in a leopard bikini. Clearly, she is very comfortable with herself and Geno.

The two were very close and affectionate towards each other. In addition, Geno also fed Mama a corn dog. So, even though she’s serious about her fitness, she still knows when it’s time to give herself some time. Now, Geno and his lady seem to have a very healthy relationship. No doubt, Mama June: From Not to Hot fans are thrilled for her.

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  1. I would be happier for her if she was trying to be the Mama she is supposed to be. My sympathy has always been for Alana.

  2. I think the time she spends on herself and men she should be spending on Alana and Pumpkin.She should be ashamed.If she was a true person who just got clean and sober,everyone knows she is to go to everyone she has wronged and ask for forgiveness and make it right,not eat corndogs with Geno on a beach,how disgusting.

  3. Wow these comments are positive and supportive. These comments “shouldn’t be eating corndog on beach, needs be mom to Alana” Soo any parent on a beach eating a corndog is a horrible person? I’m sure Alana is happy and well that her mom is sober and ALIVE, and doesn’t say if Alana is in orphanage while June swims. And they should be busy making amends? You forget the rest of that says one day at a time. Why not be encouraging and supportive and acknowledge they’ve just battled drug addiction and won, and truly deserve to partake of a corndog. Certainly everyone shame and discourage them as if they should be home depressed and living in shame for their past, and fall back to drugs to cope with it, that would be a great parent for Alana. You all are too quick to not recognize the success of one, but can always add anything they’re failing at, as if your to be judges of anyone. The entire arcticle intended to be a success story of overcoming addiction, but you all read it as to be a arcticle of neglect and failure. These days there are fewer positive headlines of something good taking place to celebrate, don’t undo it by hate and bitter judgment. You probably all have said how the world just seems to be full of problems and seems to just get worse. But when something positive is reported, you can’t be thankful for a headline where someone is winning, you turn it into their positive progress just isn’t enough. Your all clearly clones of sugar bears wife and are why there’s so much bitter negative hate in the world. Your on here reading and commenting on a site, where’s your child? You need to be being a good parent. If you can do that and not be a bad parent for it, how the hell does June on beach sober eating a corndog make her a failure at motherhood.

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