Mama June: From Not to Hot: Mama June Back for Season 5

Mama June: From Not to Hot star June Shannon recently shared the news that will surely excite her fans. Now she’s doing so much better and is eager to share her journey with the world again.

Mama June: From Not to Hot: Mama June Back for Season 5

June Shannon from Mama June: From Not to Hot has just said that she and her family will be back for a whole new season. Last time, Mama June Shannon wasn’t around much because she and Geno Doak were struggling with their addiction. Luckily they have dedicated themselves to rehabilitation and are clean and sober.

Now, Mama is in a really better place and is about to share her life. The viewers will undoubtedly be in ecstasy for Mama to participate in the action. And, they are also definitely curious about what the next round of Mama June: From Not to Hot holds. For Mama, and for the rest of the Shannon crew.

According to Mama June: From Not to Hot fan-favorite June Shannon, filming started in August, which is just a few weeks away. Of course, people are thrilled that Mama wants to return. And they are curious who will come back when the new episodes start again. Of course Alana Thompson will be on. And, it looks like Joanne Shannon will probably be back too.

As for the other cast members like Mike Thompson and his wife Jennifer Lamb Thompson, it is unclear. Last season they were ready to fight Lauryn Shannon for custody of Alana Thompson. But, now that Mama June is back and better than ever, they may not be able to insist on guardianship on Mama June: From Not to Hot.

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  1. Why oh why,are the renewing this crapfest,haven’t we been subjected to their stupidity enough….they are turning Alana to an entitled brat who thinks she all that when in fact people are laughing at her,they are laughing at them all…only reason anyone watches…

  2. Hi! I have watched 19 kids and counting for a long time watched your wedding having your kids starting your new life you both are great parents and to me you have the right to live the way you want to but I hope that you are taking the boys to church pick your own religion but I hope that you will try to stay connected to your parent and family your son’s need to know ttheir grandparents and I also think that if the children get their own money from the show it is only fair

  3. I love The Show. Me and my 7 yr old watch it together. Everyone calls my Daughter Honey Boo Boo. They look slot alike. Lol. Keep up the Good Work June. I got 8 years clean from a Herion and Crack Cocaine addiction. I had from 16 to 34 years old. Don’t let no Jealous Haters steel your Recovery.

  4. So glad to see Jill is her own person. And she doesn’t let Jim Bob control her. Even her husband let’s her do her thing. She wears pants, cuts her hair, and doesnt keep popping out kids! Good for her!

  5. Leave alana alone why are grown ups talking about a child really she is a beatiful young lady doing the best she can in her world as adults we should be supporting her and her sisters they are strong women and praying for her family to get it together really grownups stop the bull and support this young strong lady

  6. This is to Kay Smith and all the other haters,if this family bothers you so bad then dont watch it they never did anything to you and I am sure you live such a much better life, (right) all you internet bullies need to clean up your own back yards before you go jumping into someone else’s !!!laurieburgess88@yahoo

  7. For the haters on here, we love this family and enjoy watching and supporting their show. Whoever don’t like it, don’t watch it. Nobody is forcing to watch and why are you even on this page. SMH

  8. So happy their family is reconnected. I can’t imagine how difficult it was for all of them for this to play out in front of the world. Life is tough enough especially now. Each family member is inspirational in their own way. CONGRATS AND YAYYY FOR Y’ALL

  9. Everyone deserves the opportunity to fall and get back up on their feet.
    We need to focus on our own life’s.

    Good JOB mama June!!!!
    Keep up the good work
    Honey BooBoo you are who you are. Pay no mind to the HATERS, you Famous and Keep being that Brat full of personality we all watch and love on Tv.

  10. How old are we ,haven’t you been taught bullying and bashing is wrong, If you dont like something on Tv ,just change the channel !!! If you can spend time shaming someone then im pretty sure you know how. Love and kindness is what we all need ,everyone dislikes something about their body,even you. Be nice people

  11. For all of haters if u don’t like the show them don’t watch it quit downing good people who took wrong turn in life but has bounced back bigger n better I love mama june show

  12. Kay Smith–> not true… boo on you.
    There are many people who have similar issues in their lives, child with social media, health problems, step parent issues, custody issues, who can say they do not know someone battling drug or alcohol addictions causing hell in their lives?? You could turn the channel and the other cheek to not further antagonize the family, or a child?
    Is probably nice to see another family in distress finding good outcomes, or his too continue fighting without losing yourself to some.. all walks of life are affected by the problems today, let them eat cake and celebrate!

  13. Glad you’re doing better and coming back with your family. Love all of y’all ❣️ And been watching since Honey Boo Boo. Watching from beginning and now. No family is perfect but yall are great 😊💕. Lauren you’ve been wonderful with Lana.

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