My 600-lb Life: Charity’s Story

My 600-lb Life: Charity's Story

My 600 LB Life: TLC reality series are mostly covered in controversy or gossip. And lately the health conditions of My 600 LB Life star Charity Pierce’s widespread gossip have become. Unfortunately, the official Charity fan page has just been updated with health news reminiscent of Charity Pierce’s deadly hoax. In addition, the cast of ‘Where Are They Now’ revealed, Charity Pierce has spent the last few months living with a cancer diagnosis.

My 600 LB Life is a reality series that began in 2012 on TLC. The show’s features follow a year in the lives of morbidly obese individuals. In fact, the contestants start with a weight of at least 220 kg (490 pounds). However, My 600 LB Life captures their struggle and attempts to reduce their weight to a healthy level.

My 600-lb Life: Where Is Charity, The Star Of ‘My 600-lb Life,’ Now?

The unexpected news about the TLC star came after months of relative calm from Charity. Also, the last update from him was during the next episode last spring. Viewers applauded Charity for her weight loss. The reality star started at 778 pounds and then stopped at only 278. It also made her part of a handful of My 600 Lb Life cast members to lose at least 500 pounds.

In addition, Pierce took social media to update people on her health. She wrote, “To update everyone… I found out I had kidney cancer at Christmas.” She also told her fans that her mother also died of brain cancer. After that, the reality star had a lot of anxiety and panic attacks.

However, after many tests, the doctors discovered that the cancer was only in her kidney. So, the next step was to remove the kidney as soon as possible. And the work was done by March 2. She then added, “Now I’m recovering at home trying to get well. I just hope the future has something good in store for me.”

Looking at Pierce’s social media profile, she didn’t seem to be suffering. Her latest posts have often captured her smiling alongside friends and family. And that’s why her fear of dying was a horrible surprise. TLC star Charity Pierce is 44 years old. Pierce’s fans are still in shock because her update arrived late this afternoon. Social media are flooded with messages of pain, many have offered their best wishes.

Charity Pierce has a remarkable success in weight loss. In fact, Charity has the fifth most successful weight loss trip in the history of My 600 Lb Life. Although, Charity has announced that she is finished with the show in 2019. In addition to this, she and her daughter Charly Jo were involved in a bad car accident just a few months earlier.

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