My 600-Lb Life: Whatever Happened To Lindsey Witte

My 600-Lb Life Whatever Happened To Lindsey Witte

Lindsey Witte had led a pretty good life: a beautiful home, a loving husband, a great job, a supportive mother and great friends!

But when she realized her weight could put all of that at risk, including, of course, her life, she temporarily moved to Houston to work on her health with the help of Dr. Now. Lindsey had been overweight all her life. Suffering from the trauma of living with an abusive father, she began to seek food as comfort. In addition, she inherited her father’s poor eating habits and dietary choices. This only triggered her food addiction further and made her situation worse.

Lindsey Witte’s husband, Paul, also had his own demons to contend with. Dealing with a low-level alcohol addiction showed that Paul was short-sighted and impatient. He could not cope with the stress of Lindsey’s lifestyle. So she left her husband and went to Houston, completely alone, to concentrate on her treatment.

Lindsey had already undergone gastric bypass surgery in her 20s, but by her 30s she had regained all her weight. Determined to get well again, she stayed strong and optimistic and followed Dr. Now’s 1200-calorie diet, which cuts out carbs and sugar.

She added a new exercise routine to her routine and was amazed at the results! In 12 months, Lindsey, who had weighed 647.6 pounds, managed to lose 209 pounds and reached 438 pounds. She was approved for gastric bypass surgery and given a new goal to reach!

My 600-Lb Life: Whatever Happened To Lindsey Witte

Lindsey Witte is back home and healthier than ever! She still seems to be sticking to her diet and is shedding pounds fast. She’s also committed to going to the gym every day with her close friend and supporter Irene. She told her followers that she is so happy that her family and friends have come to her aid.

Lindsey also started psychotherapy to help her deal with some of the issues that triggered her food addiction. She even shared that she is now able to shave her own legs, which was a great achievement for her!

Unfortunately, there started to be a lot of gossip about Lindsey’s marriage due to Paul’s behaviour on the show. Many believed that her marriage was falling apart and the couple might split up. However, Lindsey recently took down these rumours on social media. She explained that she and Paul are on good terms and are doing better than ever!

Written by Lauren Rottman

Reality TV Writer
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