My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Whitney Thore Feels Down in the Dumps

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Whitney Thore Feels Down in the Dumps

The last season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life Whitney Thore built her brand. She was focused on working with her business partner Ryan Andreas. They felt like a strange couple, and their relationship as business partners was a bit strange.

One of the things that was clear was that the brand was Whitney’s. And still today, the My Big Fat Fabulous Life star claims that the whole brand is hers. It seems that Ryan is a bit of a second-class citizen in Whitney country according to the fans.

Despite what happened on the show, it seems that Whitney is taking a break from her fitness activity. In the beginning, Whitney from My Big Fat Fabulous Life was still taking online classes despite the pandemic. But now their classes are closed without an open date.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Whitney Thore Feels Down in the Dumps

Recently, Whitney told My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans that her mental health is suffering. In fact, Whitney Thore said she feels like a three in ten when it comes to mental health. And shortly after that statement, she said she felt like watching the movie Castaway and crying.

TLC viewers are waiting for My Big Fat Fabulous Life to get back on the air. And Whitney said everyone would see a very rough season at MBFFL. Now fans are wondering if her partnership and friendship with Ryan is on the rocks. It’s been a while since anyone has seen them together.

In fact, the last time they met was months ago in a dog park. Some viewers of the show thought it was due to the pandemic. But then they started seeing Whitney with her other friends, but not Ryan Andreas.

Written by Christine Cohan

Christine Cohan is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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  1. Her taking exercise classes is a joke if she still eats too much. She needs an intervention from Dr. Now

  2. Her exercising is NOT a joke no matter what she is eating and certainly not a kind thing to say about anyone but especially someone going through depression…..She was doing a lot of exercise not just to lose weight but to get stronger better fit…Even if someone is only making what others feel are very slow steps it’s certainly better than most of us taking no steps…I am suffering from depression and understand that taking 1 step is more than I really want to….So for everyone out there take your steps as you feel comfortable and let no one else tell you what is right for you….

  3. Whitney I hope you have made it through this pandemic and you cheer up ..its hard on everyone . I miss your show . Do you trust Ryan after he knew what chase was up to and didn’t have the courtesy to tell you because I wouldn’t. Good luck to you and you will find true love it’s someone very special meant for you and only you ..

  4. Well what about her fiancée? Isn’t wedding planning keeping her spirits up or is there really something wrong with her relationship? Why is there no mention of him?

  5. If you actually did your research Ms. Whitney has PCOS which makes it had to lose weight, among other issues. Please quit body shaming if you don’t know the facts.

  6. MissPigeon85 how much more rude can you be … have you no empathy? The root cause of her weight issues stems from PCOD (look it up)!! She is putting in the effort and looks great … and you were not created to judge others, there may come a day where you will be the one others judge and you’ll find out first hand how awful it feels. Don’t be an f’n bully, it’s not a hood look on you!

  7. She needs to get over herself, get a real job, take responsibility and stop acting like a spoiled brat. It’s time to be an adult.

  8. She needs to stop being stubborn about showing the world it’s ok to be obese. Get the band girl or just stop eating. I had PSOC and lost some weight it regulated my period and I have 2 kids now. Still fat but know what I need to do.

  9. Hang in there, life is hard for everyone. I admire your confidence and the way you except who you are. I too, fought my weight since first grade. Been on every diet that is out there. I actually was up all night in jr high because the diet pills were so strong . I have lost a 100 lbs on my own. But I did it more for my health. I already had two knees replaced . About 15 more lbs will be my goal. I feel much better and everyone tells me how good I look . Funny I still see the obese me in the mirror. I hope you keep your spirit up and dont let skinny people judge

  10. Many women have been cheated on and don’t have an audience to sympathize with them. Move on. Concentrate on you instead of what happened to you. You can’t control others only yourself. Get a grip and live!!!

  11. Im proud of her for what she goes through. People feel it’s ok to be rude to her but it’s not. It’s called bullying. You know what you try and teach your kids not to do. Chase is a piece of crap and doesn’t deserve anything from her and if i were her i would not like any of his posts. Funny he told whitney how he doesn’t want kids and then gets a girl pregnant. He just wanted 5 minutes of fame. He’s a cheating loser

  12. Be kind! Yes Whitney puts herself out there for the world to see but if you’ve never been in her shoes dont judge her. People are fighting all kinds of things behind closed doors including depression. We’re going thru a freaking pandemic, no need to be judgmental. Honestly, she dances and exercises way more than what many of us do. She’s actually exercising with her other business partner now so this may be old. Way to go Whitney on what you’ve been able to accomplish so far. Screw the naysayers and go on with your bad self girl! Looking forward to the new season. ❤

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