Sister Wives: A Whole New Meri Brown

Sister Wives: A Whole New Meri Brown

Meri Brown has become a super busy businesswoman. Her lives on Instagram have caused a stir, but she always makes sure to have the most fun. Whatever she does, Meri Brown makes sure to promote her business with lighthearted fun, wit and soul. In her latest reel, the entrepreneur is showing a whole new side of herself. If nothing else, it shows that she’s not afraid to have a little fun at her own expense.

Sister Wives: A Whole New Meri Brown

When Sister Wives debuted in 2010, Meri Brown had just been laid off from her part-time job. It was attributed to her polygamous lifestyle and how public the Brown family was becoming. She was still in school but didn’t have as many children as the other sister wives.

Therefore, she seemed to be trying to really find her place. Once Robyn officially became his fourth wife and they all moved to Las Vegas, a new opportunity presented itself.

Meri Brown helped Robyn with a lifestyle line, My SisterWife’s Closet. However, Meri eventually wanted to go back to school, which meant spending less time on the business. Robyn was heartbroken, but Meri had to do what was best for her.

As time went on, Meri Brown joined MLM LulaRoe and was quite successful. At the same time, she discovered that a family home that had been sold years earlier was for sale again. She desperately wanted to buy it and turn it into the Lizzie Heritage Inn, a bed and breakfast to honor her ancestors.

Unfortunately, she was unable to get some of the advance she needed from her sister wives and Kody Brown. They wanted a strong business plan and a stake in the inn. It seemed like it couldn’t happen, Meri Brown went it alone and was successful in both businesses. With both businesses going strong, she tends to breathe life into them and enjoys being eccentric. Now, she’s showing a new side and it’s unique to say the least.

Comments have been made by fans and followers that Meri Brown doesn’t appear at all during her lives on Instagram. Questions about whether or not she is drunk have come up, but she continues to have fun and live her best life.

Recently, she posted a clip where she received flowers and went on to say that they were from him. She is proving that self-love is the key to life. Clearly, it’s working for her. Her marriage of over 30 years is almost over, yet she continues to move forward with her business.

Written by Emma Fisher

TV Writer.
Emma Fisher is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.

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