Sister Wives: Are Meri Brown and Kody Brown Still Together?

Sister Wives: Are Meri Brown and Kody Brown Still Together?

Sister Wives fans have seen Meri Brown struggle in her relationship with Kody Brown over the years, but there have been some signs that she is actually getting over it.

As Kody Brown’s first wife, she had to watch and deal with the jealousy of having Kody Brown courting three different women. Fans saw that she had an adversarial relationship with him at times. Look at all the ways Meri Brown proved to be over Kody.

Sister Wives fans saw how Meri Brown was pushed aside when Kody Brown officially filed for divorce from her, even though they remained spiritually married so he could marry his fourth wife Robyn. Meri was also involved in a very public catfishing scandal, when she was scammed by a woman pretending to be a man online, and who then leaked all of her intimate voice messages. Their relationship continued to be strained, and Kody’s strict COVID-19 guidelines didn’t help fix their broken marriage.

Despite the fact that many fans were disappointed in the Sister Wives Tell-All episodes for not having enough drama, they learned more about Meri Brown and Kody Brown’s marriage. Meri Brown shared that she and Kody haven’t had an intimate relationship in over a decade, while Kody says she wouldn’t want him back from her. The couple doesn’t even hold hands, but Meri tearfully admitted that she still has hope that he will change his mind.

Many fans think Meri is playing with her emotions for the camera, because she seems to have come to terms with the platonic state of her marriage now and is thriving on her Instagram. Meri has been accused of being in denial by Sister Wives fans, but she insists that she knows where she stands with him and is at peace with it.

Some fans are convinced that Meri has been playing on some of her hurt feelings about her relationship with Kody, because she explained that she knows his worth and said “I’m happy with myself.”

She was all smiles on Valentine’s Day when she made a funny video of her getting flowers from herself and looking happy on her own. Meri has continued her “Fridays with Friends” series and her retail business is doing great. Sister Wives fans will be happy to know that Meri is having a great life despite standing by Kody and hopefully she will bring more of this positivity to the next season of the show.

Written by Evelyn Foster

Evelyn Foster is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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