Sister Wives: Weighing In On Christine Brown

Sister Wives: Weighing In On Christine Brown

In part two of Sister Wives: One on One, Robyn Brown shared that Kody Brown and Christine Brown are not divorced. It was a marriage through the church and can only be dissolved through the same channel. Since Christine Brown has not been a member for years, she says it does not apply. Robyn also stated that both Christine and Janelle have been unwelcoming to her and her children.

A lot has come out in the first two parts and it’s not over. As fans anxiously await part three, a preview has come out. Now, Robyn and Kody Brown have more to say about Christine and it’s not necessarily what you would expect.

There was a point in the Browns’ plural marriage where seemingly no one but Kody Brown and Robyn Brown was truly happy. As revealed in the season 16 finale, Kody had admitted some time ago that he wasn’t even attracted to his third wife Christine Brown. This had come up in the past, as he had been turned off by the way she ate nachos. However, Kody married her in 1994 and they had six children. She was the initial subservient wife who put everyone else first and herself last.

Eventually, it was too exhausting and she told Kody Brown about her concerns. To him, this was betraying the marriage contract and he didn’t appreciate it. He continued to argue that she was beating the bushes in her marriage, but Robyn came along and picked up where she left off.

Robyn was the perfect wife, especially when the pandemic hit and she made sure her five children followed all of Kody Brown’s rules. As for Janelle and Christine Brown, they were the ones breaking the rules. He believed Christine had a blatant disregard for what he was saying.

Christine Brown

She felt their marriage was in such disarray that she wanted to be where people loved her and her children. Christine Brown claimed to travel quietly when she did, but Kody was rarely around. At the end of the season, he told her that he no longer wanted an intimate marriage. For Christine, this was not something she wanted and it had been difficult to see him having functioning marriages, especially with Robyn Brown.

Sister Wives: Weighing In On Christine Brown

As Part 3 continues and Robyn has determined that Christine and Kody are still married, the divorce is brought up. Sukanya Krishnan asks all the wives and Kody to share their feelings about the end of their marriage of over twenty-five years. We admit that this was the hardest decision of Christine’s life, but it has been a struggle for her for a long time. Initially, Kody thought it was a phase or a joke as seen in the finale.

As he watches the footage of her breaking down and making the decision to end it all, he is shocked. Apparently, he had no idea what she was going through when he packed up her stuff and left her in the basement. Kody had never fully seen her side of the story. As for Robyn Brown, she says she is “devastated” by Christine’s choice.

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