Sister Wives: Meri’s Search For Happiness

Sister Wives: Meri’s Search For Happiness

Meri Brown has shown that she accepts the hand she’s been dealt in terms of a plural family. It may not be ideal for an outsider, but for Kody Brown’s original first wife, it works for her.

As seen in season 16 of Sister Wives and the three-part story, Meri Brown has no intention of leaving the family. She has many reasons to leave, yet she hasn’t moved. As usual, Meri Brown continues to post inspiring and elusive phrases on her Instagram story. Her latest post is all about peace and how she wants to incorporate more into her life.

Sister Wives: Meri’s Search For Happiness

It was a big deal for Meri Brown when she was able to connect her husband Kody Brown with his fourth wife, Robyn Brown. The two women seemed to get along very well from the beginning. Unfortunately, a serious issue always plagued Meri.

Kody Brown’s second and third wives, Janelle Brown and Christine Brown gave him a total of twelve children. Robyn Brown came with three from a previous marriage and was quick to add son Solomon. However, Meri struggled with fertility issues and the couple shared only their daughter, Mariah.

Although it was a blessing, Meri Brown really wanted to expand her family, so she and Kody researched fertility options. After Robyn Brown gave birth to Solomon, she offered to be a surrogate mother for Meri. Ultimately, she chose to decline this generous offer.

She still couldn’t keep Meri Brown going in a more positive direction and found herself on a dark path. He eventually began an online relationship that ended horribly. Meri had to find a way to repair the damage done to her family, especially the tension between her and Mariah.

She was able to find success with LuLaRoe who helped her finance the down payment for her bed and breakfast. However, the one thing that was truly missing in her life was a truly loving relationship between her and Kody. She admitted that the ship had sailed and they were no longer more than friends. She had repaired her relationship with Mariah, but there was nothing left for her in the family. Why had she stayed, fans wondered?

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