Sister Wives: Saving the Family?

Sister Wives: Saving the Family?

For many years there were only three wives. Meri was the first wife in 1990, then came Janelle in 1993. This was a tough pill to swallow and caused some jealousy. It got even worse the following year when Christine Brown arrived as the third wife.

Soon Janelle Brown welcomed their first child, Logan, and the family continued to grow. There were many issues they had to battle, but somehow they overcame them. Each wife found her place within the family, even if they didn’t always like it.

As for Christine Brown , she was the homemaker. She raised the children and maintained the home, always the “yes” wife. Eventually she realized that it was all part of being the stereotypical basement wife. She was extremely submissive and that was something she decided she could never adhere to again. Christine hid many of her frustrations from her sister wives and only told Kody Brown.

Sixteen years after she joined the family, he took a fourth wife, Robyn. It came at the perfect time, according to Kody Brown. Robyn was willing to do anything Kody asked of her and more. As revealed in part two of Sister Wives: One on One, Robyn was the one to pick up where Christine left off.

Sister Wives: Saving the Family?

For about ten years, Christine Brown was the one who did everything for the family. She always put herself last and her family first, until she burned out. Finally, she spoke to Kody Brown, who said she wasn’t doing her duty to her family. Then came Robyn, who was ready and willing to take responsibility for Christine. She claimed she knew the rules, as did her children when they entered the Brown household.

Throughout season 16, Robyn was called an obedient woman. She also admitted that she was an easy target because she and Kody Brown got along. Robyn knew that her children needed a father around, so she was willing to do anything to have Kody around.

Christine Brown was the opposite. She and Kody Brown had been at odds for some time. Her pandemic rules were pretty extreme and she wanted to go where she felt loved. She also had kids in other states she needed to see, and she didn’t want to apologize for being true to herself.

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