Sister Wives: Christine Brown Is Loving Life

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Is Loving Life

Christine Brown is “loving life” and living it up after kicking her husband Kody Brown to the curb. Sister Wives fans have been saying for a while that they thought Kody Brown’s wives – Janelle, Christine Brown and Meri Brown – should leave him.

Fans are convinced that Robyn has broken up the family. And they think Kody Brown stopped loving the other wives when he started loving Robyn.

Sister Wives fans, however, also believe that Kody Brown continues to hold on to his wives to keep using them for their money and success. After all, it’s no secret that Robyn Brown and Kody Brown are drowning in debt as this year comes to a close. The couple’s tax debt is approaching $10,000.

And fans are wondering how they’re going to find the funds to pay it off when neither one of them seems to have a “real job.” As we previously reported, Kody responded to fans by revealing that he does – in fact – have a real job. However, he did admit that his job took a hit during the pandemic.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Is Loving Life

The trailer for Sister Wives Season 16 revealed that Christine Brown pretended that she still wanted to be a part of her polygamist lifestyle.

In fact, she admits that she no longer wants to live on earth with Kody and the other wives. Honestly, she wants to go back to Utah and her older children. Now, because of the time distance…. Those who follow Christine on social media know that she has since moved into a $1.1 million duplex in Utah. As we previously reported, she’s living large in her new duplex while enjoying life away from Kody Brown.

According to The Sun, Sister Wives fans agree that dumping Kody and running away sounds great for Christine. They note that she seems to be “loving life” and looking happier than ever these days.

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