Sister Wives: Christine Brown’s Struggle To Get Away

Sister Wives: Christine Brown’s Struggle To Get Away

Sister Wives Spoilers reveals that Christine Brown is living her best life now that she has moved to Utah. Christine has a beautiful two-story house worth over $1.1 million. Christine seems healthier and much happier these days. Has Christine finally become the woman she always wanted to be?

Sister Wives Christine Brown has often spoken of being considered a basement wife. When the husband and wife lived in the same house in Utah, Christine lived in the basement. It still bothers Christine 27 years later that she was considered a basement dwelling woman. Twenty-seven years later it still bothers Christine that she was considered a basement wife.

Christine Brown says you never want to be the basement wife in a plural family because it makes you feel like a dirty little secret. Christine was also a housewife of three. Christine Brown was a homemaker and a cook before all the kids were polyamorous. However, Christine wasn’t happy when she was just a domestic wizard. Now things are very different in Christine’s world.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown’s Struggle To Get Away

Sister Wives Christine Brown has been around for a while. Kody Brown often came into conflict with Christine, not only over the operation on their daughter Ysabel Brown, but also over the visitation of their older children. Christine is very close to both Janelle Brown and her own children. Christine has also helped raise Janelle’s children.

Kody Brown would be upset if Christine Brown, and even Janelle, were to visit Maddie Brown Brush, who is having a pandemic. Maddie, however, was in need of help because of her daughter’s medical problems. Eventually, Christine had enough and moved to Utah to be near her children. However, Christine’s business has also grown.

Of course, Christine Brown, like the other actors, got money because she was the star of the show. But Christine also has businesses. Christine has been selling Lularoe’s with Meri Brown for years. Christine and Janelle also have their own Plexus business.

According to Kody Brown, Christine Brown even had to hire help to help with the businesses. In Christine’s latest Instagram post, she’s completely at peace. Christine refers to channeling David from the movie Schitt’s Creek, while others believe that she is finally comfortable with her life and that she has come to accept her worth inside and out.

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