’Sister Wives’: Christine Is Now Unapologetically Living Her Best Life.

’Sister Wives’: Christine Is Now Unapologetically Living Her Best Life.

Without a doubt, Christine Brown has become the most beloved star since the last season of Sister Wives. Viewers will probably be in awe of her ever since she left her husband Kody Brown, while putting her own dignity first.

After announcing her divorce from the famous polygamist, fans can say that Christine is in a much better place mentally. In addition, she is also testing her sense of fashion after no restrictions. Apparently, she went to Disneyland with her kids a few days ago and the star flaunted her fresh style.

’Sister Wives’: Christine Is Now Unapologetically Living Her Best Life.

Christine Brown already had a reputation for modesty and gracefulness during “Sister Wives”. Well, she maintained those things even after she left her husband in the final season on national television.

Apparently, Kody Brown never pleased the fans and they kept telling the famous women to dump him. It turns out that Christine Brown was the first of the other Sister Wives to finally take action and divorce her ex-husband. Since then, viewers have followed her adventures as a single mother constantly on social media.

Later, Christine Brown posted on her social media about a fun outing with her adorable children. What’s more, they went to Disneyland. Nevertheless, Sister Wives fans couldn’t help but notice how gorgeous the mother of 6 looked showing off her jeans.

After the divorce, viewers can say that Christine has now done what her heart desires. What’s more, they noticed massive changes in her mental health and also in her fashion sense. So they took to the comments section to compliment the star and reported that she looked very happy.

Besides acting in Sister Wives, she has other jobs that support her financially. These include being a testimonial for the health drink Plexus. In addition, the celebrity is also on Cameo and sends personalized healthy messages and chats to her fans.

According to a new revelation, Christine hinted that the rest of her sister wives, that is, did not treat her well while she was in a plural marriage with Kody Brown. It emerged that a fan attended Cameo to ask Christine about her plural marriage. This was because she wanted advice before entering into a plural marriage.

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