Sister Wives: Christine Brown Lives For Herself

Sister Wives: Christine Lives For Herself

At the conclusion of Sister Wives season 16, Christine Brown was asked about dating and her future. Although her ex-husband, Kody stated that he hoped she would get married again, Christine did not echo his sentiment. For her, this was the time to date herself. She spent years pleasing everyone else that she was ready to do the right thing for Christine Brown.

Now that she’s left Flagstaff for Utah, it looks like she’s done just that. One look at her shows that she is radiant and has found her magic.

Sister Wives: Christine Lives For Herself

For over a decade, Christine Brown was the prime example of a polygamous wife. She raised the children, kept house, and made sure her husband was happy. All of this came at the expense of her sanity. She soon realized that she was not happy because she never took time for herself.

Eventually, her father convinced her that she needed to start saying no. This didn’t bode well for Kody, but it was okay because Robyn was waiting in the wings to do whatever she needed. The new Christine was more assertive and didn’t care what the consequences were.

Their marriage struggled and these issues surfaced on television. She had jealousy issues with her extreme focus on Robyn while he often lashed out. Kody would call Christine a “crybaby” or shoot down her feelings about polygamy. If she felt she could no longer handle it, he would ignore her feelings rather than acknowledge her pain. In the end, the lack of attraction and intimacy was enough to end it.

Ever since Christine Brown left Flagstaff, she has been in complete bliss. Utah was the place she desperately wanted to return to and now her dream is a reality. She can be close to her daughters, Mykelti and Aspyn and her granddaughter, Avalon. In addition, she has been working on her health and promoting her business. She has also started showing off her body, such as her slimmed down legs. Recently, she posted a picture of herself in black leggings which is the complete opposite of how she looked when she was married to Kody.

Written by Sarah Milner

Sarah Milner is a freelance writer for over 5 years.


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