Sister Wives: Christine Reveals New Season 15 In the Works

Sister Wives: Christine Reveals New Season 15 In the Works

Sister Wives celeb Christine Brown has just confirmed during an online chat that they now have cameras in tow to film their new season. During her live “chat” on Monday afternoon, somewhere between Christine sharing her water problems and passing makeup tips, she made the revelation.

Season 15 of the Sister Wives is in the works and also revealed the filming schedule. Every once in a while a fan asked her about another season during this chat. Finally, Christine Brown said they are shooting right now, as well as revealing their filming schedule.

Sister Wives: Christine Reveals New Season 15 In the Works

The first time she said they were filming, she offered no details other than that. Even though it was supposed to be another season, she hadn’t said it yet. But when asked again if fans can expect another season of Sister Wives, she hesitated. Then she said, well, we’re shooting so “yes.”

It’s funny how the revelation of a new season of Sister Wives seems to come from Christine Brown’s house in the last two years. Last season it was Gwendlyn Brown who answered questions from fans in a live chat.

When a fan asked about a new season, Gwendlyn said she shouldn’t have said – but “yes”. She’s like a mother-daughter when it comes to sharing the good news. Although right after Christine Brown said that this time a new season is underway, Truely Brown stepped in. Then this video from the Sister Wives chat broke down. While saying, “The broadcast has been paused, but it will be back soon,” she was still saying it at the time of writing.

Sister Wives: Water, Water Everywhere

Christine offered some information about her life at her house in Flagstaff. Since she doesn’t have a well on her land, she has to get water.

Sister Wives mom was sure to add that water is an expensive product.. Because of the cost, he doesn’t water the lawn. While she can carry the water herself, she pays a guy with a big tank on a truck to bring it to her. Apparently he pumps the water into a storage tank that Christine and the family can use.

Now that Season 15 of Sister Wives has been revealed, Christine has also shared how the filming program works for the family. The cameras shoot every two weeks, which gives them a week off every two weeks. Seems a little more feasible than having the cameras around you every day.

With the new season confirmed by Christine Brown, fans are hoping that the Sister Wives will offer more than they did this season. Many spectators complained that season 14 looked like a repeat of the previous season.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Ashley Bennett is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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