Sister Wives Fans Call Robyn Brown ‘Manipulative’

Sister Wives Fans Call Robyn Brown 'Manipulative'

Sister Wives spoilers show that fans have seen the downfall of the Brown family over the years. However, most fans only blame one person who may have caused everything to fall apart. It is none other than Kody Brown’s fourth wife, Robyn Brown.

Apparently, fans think that Robyn Brown manipulated the plural family, especially when it comes to Kody Brown’s decision-making process. Now, viewers think the same thing is happening in season 16.

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown has faced criticism for years. Hate and negativity have even led Robyn to quit social media. Apparently, it’s been years since fans have seen Robyn use her Instagram. According to some, Robyn Brown can’t handle the hate she has received online. Fans, however, have no sympathy for Robyn and even accuse her of destroying several families.

Now, fans are speculating that Robyn Brown is back with her manipulative behavior in season 16. Apparently, the latest teaser showed Robyn crying while trying to defend herself and that she is not the one who decides everything in the family. However, fans are not buying it and said that she has been doing the same crying tactics for years.

Sister Wives Fans Call Robyn Brown ‘Manipulative’

Sister Wives fans think that Kody Brown only follows Robyn Brown in the family. Apparently Robyn is one of the main reasons they moved to Flagstaff.

According to some, Kody Brown and the other wives were forced to move to Flagstaff in order to provide much better living conditions for Robyn’s children, especially to be closer to their schools. The latest tweet also showed Christine’s desire to move back to Utah. However, fans think that Robyn is again trying to find excuses to stay.

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  1. When they all had a family gathering at Fagstaff and they roared hot dogs. He was playing and enjoying all the kids until he knew Robyn was upset because she had to run after the little kids and keep everyone apart due to COVID. She had earlier told him that he had to help her before she agreed to go. We’ll she has two teenagers that could have helped her so Kody could enjoy the other kids. He’s always around Robyn’s kids cause he stays there. She manipulates

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