Sister Wives: Has Janelle Brown Moved To Utah?

Sister Wives: Has Janelle Brown Moved To Utah?

Janelle Brown’s journey on Sister Wives has been full of surprises, but the new rumors that the reality star has left Kody Brown and moved to Utah with her colleague Christine Brown may be the most shocking turn of events.

Over the past decade, Janelle Brown has become a free spirit, spending a lot of time away from her husband and following her passions. From Janelle’s Instagram story to the independence she exhibited last summer, here’s why Janelle may have moved to Utah with Christine Brown.

Of all the Sister Wives stars, Janelle Brown has one of the best relationships with her spiritual husband, Kody Brown. Janelle and Kody Brown have been married since 1993, and while their relationship hasn’t been perfect, Janelle tends to be one of Kody’s biggest supporters. Kody is known for tensions with his first wife, Meri Brown, whom the polygamist patriarch confessed to wishing he hadn’t married.

Recently, Kody Brown and Christine Brown have also struggled to see eye to eye. Christine is angry at Kody for proposing that the family live on his land in Coyote Pass, Arizona. In the Sister Wives season 16 trailer, Christine Brown expressed her frustration with Kody Brown, as all the reality star wants is to move back to Utah. Since the trailer was released, there are reports that Christine has made the move to Utah without Kody.

Janelle didn’t share as much disdain for Kody Brown’s Arizona home project, however, Janelle’s recent Instagram activity has some fans thinking that Kody’s second wife has abandoned him and joined Christine in her move to Utah.

Most recently, Janelle shared a photo with three of her children at the movies without Kody, adding more evidence to the theory that Janelle is no longer with her husband in Arizona.

In addition to the Sister Wives star’s Instagram activity, it’s possible Janelle left Kody because of her recent show of independence. Last summer, Janelle made the unexpected choice to live alone in an RV. Although Kody Brown visited Janelle toward the end of her trip, the sister wife spent most of the summer months without her spiritual husband. In addition to her newfound freedom, Janelle disagreed with the way Kody and Robyn Brown handled the COVID-19 pandemic in the season 16 trailer.

Kody and Robyn Brown thought it was best to separate during the height of the coronavirus crisis, but wives like Janelle thought it would be better for the family to quarantine together. It’s possible that all the time Janelle was forced to spend away from Kody and the rest of the Brown family forced her to leave the Arizona settlement.

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