Sister Wives: Janelle Plans to Leave Kody Brown Behind

Sister Wives: Janelle Plans to Leave Kody Brown Behind

Sister Wives spoilers and updates reveal that Kody Brown has considered looking for new partners amid his misunderstandings with his current wives. Kody Brown first married Meri in 1990 until their divorce last 2014. He also married Janelle in 1993 with whom he shared six children, then Christine in 1994 from whom he divorced in 2021. Finally, Kody married Robyn Brown in 2010 and legally adopted her children.

According to an insider, Kody Brown was not happy to be left by his ex-wives but is always open to the possibility of seeking new wives in the future. It has been said that he wanted a wife who would choose to understand and accept his special treatment of Robyn Brown.

After announcing their divorce last November 2021, Christine shared the conversation she had with her ex-husband that made her sad. Christine Brown revealed that Kody no longer wants an intimate marriage and that he is no longer attracted to her. She admitted that she is heartbroken by what Kody said to her and doesn’t know what to do moving forward.

Although it may be the hardest decision Christine has to make, she still pursued the divorce. After Christine’s announcement, Kody posted on his Instagram account saying that he was saddened by his ex-wife’s decision, he still has great “respect and admiration” for Christine and they will continue to be parents to their six children.

Sister Wives: Janelle Plans to Leave Kody Brown Behind

After Christine and Kody broke up, Janelle Brown considered divorcing her husband after nearly three decades of marriage. During the previous episode of Sister Wives, Janelle Brown stated that her mind was with her children. “I’ve had to really think. My children are almost grown and there’s not a huge necessity anymore to stay.” With her constant misunderstandings with Kody, she said it is easy for her to leave.

Janelle also witnessed how happy Christine is nowadays after finally breaking free from Kody and this led Janelle Brown to decide to leave her husband as well. According to an insider, per Us Magazine, Janelle meant every word she said and it will happen soon. Even though Kody Brown has dominated her relationship for the most part, he doesn’t want to initiate a divorce. He also told his wives that they can leave him whenever they want.

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